5 Ways to Wear a Layering Shirt

23 Jan 2019

Every woman needs some basics in their wardrobe. A layering shirt is an essential piece to keep in your closet because they’re comfortable, come in an assortment of colors, and are affordable. Not to mention they are extremely versatile — they can be dressed up or down, worn by themselves or under a sheer shirt or cardigan. The options for wearing layering shirts are endless. Here are Heirloom 5 favorite ways to wear a layering shirt.

1) With a Long-Sleeve Shirt with a Vest

Vests are both a fashionable and practical piece of clothing during those cold months. They add some extra warmth while still looking effortless and cute. The best way to wear a vest is to wear a simple long-sleeve layering shirt under it, so the vest can really stand out. This pairs well with a cute pair of jeans, fashionable sneakers and a simple necklace.

2) With a Knee-Length Cardigan

Knee-length cardigans are a fun way to layer and offer a fresh, different look than the normal button-up cardigan. Knee-length cardigans look best over a cap sleeve layering shirt and pair well with a pair of black jeans, ankle boots, and a long necklace.

3) Tucked into a Pencil Skirt

There are few things classier than a nice pencil skirt, and lucky for us, layering shirts look perfect tucked into a pencil skirt! There are a lot of options when it comes to picking a layering shirt to wear with a pencil skirt, but you can never go wrong with a three quarter sleeve layering shirt tucked in. This looks best with some classic heels and a statement necklace.

4) Under a Sheer Shirt

Layering shirts were made for putting under sheer shirts. There’s nothing worse than finding a cute sheer shirt that doesn’t come lined! If you have a darker sheer shirt, a black cap sleeve layering shirt works best underneath. If you have a lighter colored sheer shirt, make sure to wear a white or nude cap sleeve layering shirt so it doesn’t distract from the main layer.

5) Statement Jewelry

Although layering shirts were made for layering, there’s nothing wrong with wearing them by themselves! A great way to wear any layering shirt is to pair it with some leggings or a cute pair of jeans and add some statement jewelry. This could include a bold necklace, a stack of bracelets, or some hoop earrings.

The options are really endless when it comes to wearing layering shirts. When wearing layering shirts, just remember to keep your personal style in mind and wear what you love! If you are looking for some more options for layering shirts, Heirloom Clothing has the best and biggest selection of layering shirts with tons of different styles and color options. The best part? They are both affordable and stylish!

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