Fashion Tips For Busy Women

09 Dec 2015



busy womenLife gets busy as we all know. We all feel this on a regular basis; dishes pile up in the sink, kids follow you around the house whining the words, “Mom, I’m bored,” nightmare strikes at work and you end up there until after sunset, all these things can make for a busy and tired woman. It is in these exhausted moments that we don’t want to worry about getting dressed, doing our hair, and actually looking good all day.

There is a solution to these drained and fashion careless moments; the following are a few quick and easy fashion tips that will help you get back on your feet looking great, feeling great, and ready to take on the world….again.


  • Allow For Comfort & Simplicity - When it’s hot out wearing a simple tank top and slacks feels great, so do it! This outfit is an easy one to stay comfortable in AND dress up in a pinch. Simply add a long necklace and some bangles and you’ve got a classy look. When it’s cold outside use a similar style, but instead of a tank top put on a tighter layering shirt and add a long sweater. Once again, you are comfortable and can dress it up quickly with just a long necklace and some bangles.
  • Have The Essentials Handy - The essentials every woman should have in her closet are as follows: jeans that fit great, layering shirts and tank tops, comfortable good-looking shoes, a pair of slacks, and some great jewelry pieces. With these essentials you will be able to put together an outfit in the heat of the moment any day.
  • Choose The Right Shoes - When it comes to comfortable good-looking shoes, remember the following:
      • Rubber flip flops don’t look good on anyone. Granted, they are comfortable, but really they are made for the beach. Skip the flip flops and find some nice looking sandals instead. Grungy tennis shoes, again while comfortable, don’t look great either. Find yourself some canvas shoes instead; they are popular and can be found in a number of colors these days.
  • Add One Bold Accessory - Simple items like a scarf can change an entire outfit and give it some much needed oomph.
  • Add a Pop of Color - On busy days it can be very easy to simply wear a colored t-shirt and jeans. Ready to make this simple outfit even better? Add a pop of color with a bright citrus-colored purse or ballet flats.
  • Use a Quick-Dry Top Coat - Having a nice manicure is high on the fashion priority list these days. But making time to paint your nails is hard enough, let alone giving up the time it takes to fully dry before you can move on to the next task on your list. Get a quick-dry top coat and your life will change! With a true-to-name quick dry, you’ll be able to move on to the next task within a minute of having painted your nails.
  • Rough Days - We all have those mornings where we didn't get enough sleep and our eyes show it, or our hair is a frizzy mess. It is on these days that hats, headbands, and sunglasses are a good quick addition to your outfit.
  • Create A Personal Stylebook - Anytime you put together an outfit you really like, take a quick picture of it with your phone to save for later; this way you can easily repeat the outfit again without spending unnecessary time trying to remember what clothing items you used.
  • Pack Smart - Packing your favorite outfits? Roll all the pieces of an outfit together so they are easily findable when you go to pull out the outfit from your suitcase. This also helps keep the wrinkles away.

So if you are busy working a 40 hour work week, chasing young kids around the house, or making dinner for visiting grandchildren, remember fashion doesn’t have to be difficult; use these quick and easy tips to keep you looking great all day long.



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