9 Ways to Empower Your Grandchildren and Help Them See Their Potential

12 Jan 2016

So much is expected from children today; for many of them it seems impossible to keep up. They are expected to be the top of their class, get a prestigious job, get a large paycheck, and have a few creative hobbies. As a grandparent, there are 9 easy ways you can empower your grandchildren to help them see their potential.

cheerful grandmother playing with a small child on the floorUse positive reinforcement. When you focus on your grandchild’s positive behaviors and reward them with praise, it will likely breed more positive behaviors and will empower their self-esteem and decision-making. Even those grandchildren who are a little shyer will appreciate having their positive behaviors acknowledged. Acting as a mirror to reflect positive actions, talents, and qualities helps children see themselves as important, valuable, and able to achieve their dreams.


Teach children their uniqueness is power. Teaching grandchildren to celebrate their uniqueness from a young age can be an essential skill in developing self-confidence. Celebrate their differences and help them to learn how to use their unique qualities to accomplish tasks. When children realize their uniqueness they are enabled to achieve great things, which can become a great asset to them.


Create a drama-free zone. Children learn from observing the world around them. Be a good example to your grandchildren by surrounding yourself with positive people and being positive during tasks and activities—even if you don’t like doing them. Your grandchildren will see your example and learn how to have a positive attitude, surrounding themselves with positive people and activities.  


Share information. Be open with grandchildren and try not to hide information. When you are open with your grandchild, it will build trust and will allow them to have the information to make the best possible decision if a critical situation arises.


Create clear goals. If children know what is expected of them, there is little room for confusion. Set clear goals and objectives that are reasonably attainable for your grandchildren. Setting children up for success will bring self-confidence and the feeling of achievement.


Celebrate success and failure. Create an environment that celebrates both successes and failures.  Failure can brings experience and knowledge. Don’t just celebrate the successes, but celebrate the bravery that it took for the grandchild who took a risk or tried something new.


Teach that it is OK to make mistakes. You have to be willing to allow grandchildren to make mistakes. Although it may be difficult to see them make mistakes, it can be an opportune time to learn.  Discuss with them what they did and how they might have handled things differently in the future to reach a different outcome. Berating a grandchild, who tried something and didn’t succeed, will only stop them from trying new things.


Support a learning environment. Work to make and support a learning environment with your grandchildren. Encourage them to try new things and learn about things that interest them. Try to make education and learning an exciting and worthwhile experience for kids. Be an example for your grandchildren by trying new things or learning something new and sharing what you learned with them.


Take time to do things together. One of the greatest things you can do to empower your grandchildren is to love them. Show your love by spending individual time with them. Taking the time to be with a grandchild one on one will show them how much you care for them and how much you are invested in their success.

    By doing these 9 simple things, you can empower your grandchildren and help them to reach their full potential.

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