Martha Washington: The Original Fashion Icon

15 Feb 2016



Being that it is President’s day, it only seems appropriate to mention the original first lady. Most would assume that the fashion sense of the 1700’s is no more; however that is not the case. While women typically do not wear a dress every single day, we have stolen a few ideas from Martha Washington’s closet.

1700s layering fashion for womenLayering. It was a must in the 1700’s as modesty was a high priority. The sheer amount of clothing that these women wore on a daily basis was remarkable: bodices, skirts, petticoats, ruffled sleeves, and even their own version of a corset (called a stay). Now, layering in the modern sense isn’t nearly as intricate, but it is a great technique to stay warm (especially in our base Utah), and stylish.

Women of the 21st century move toward a more stylish form of layering that shows off the natural curves of a woman while still providing warmth and style. Scarves, ponchos, vests, and even layered shirts, like the ones here on Heirloom, are all staples for a fashionable layered outfit of today. It is even becoming trendy to put a lace skirt under a dress to make it appear fuller and longer, similar to Martha Washington and the style of the 1700’s.

So this President’s Day while you are getting dressed and putting on your layers, even if it is simply a shirt with a sweater, remember to thank our first trend setter, Martha Washington!




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