Happy 11th Birthday, Kerilyn!

23 Feb 2016

Kerilyn Johnson's leap day birthday

It is not everyday you meet a mom whose kids are all almost older than her! One of Heirloom’s models, Kerilyn Johnson, will finally turn 11 this leap year after putting up with teasing from friends and family that she’s only been 10 for the last four years.

The biggest question people ask Kerilyn is what day she celebrates her birthday on the years that there is no February 29th. In the first grade there was a boy who had a crush on Kerilyn whose birthday was on March 1st. Since Kerilyn didn’t not reciprocate his love, she was adamant about celebrating her birthday on February 28th. But, by the time Kerilyn was in college, she learned how to work the system and one year had three different boys take her out on her “birthday.” She told one boy she celebrated her birthday on February 28th, another boy March 1st, and continued that pattern all week long making the most of her birthday week. She even received a couple dozen roses from all her dates!

When it is not Kerilyn’s quadrennial birthday, her husband usually teases her by saying, “You don’t get a birthday this year!” and her kids typically jump in on the joke. This year, however, they have no reason to give her a hard time. She says most people remember her leap year birthday and she receives a lot of calls, cards, and gifts to makeup for the years her actual birthday was skipped over.

Kerilyn is also a talented actress and singer, having performed with several other accomplished artists like Alex Boye and the Piano Guys. She loves kickboxing, yoga, and claims she is really good at embarrassing herself. She started modeling with Heirloom last summer and was sold when everything she put on was so comfortable and cute. Check out Kerilyn’s favorite birthday outfit right here.

When Kerilyn turns 12 in another four years, her fifth child will be 13 and Kerilyn will officially be the youngest in her family. No matter how old, Kerilyn will continue to make the most of her leap year birthday!

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