An Everyday Versatile Outfit

22 Feb 2019

The frustrations that come with constantly having to make time to change outfits while on a tight schedule might be something that you can relate to. Busy lives tend to come with time constraints — sometimes you may not get the much-needed time to change in between your daily tasks. But what if you could relax those constraints? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, something as simple as investing in a cap sleeve shirt from Heirloom can help with your busy schedule.

Cap sleeve shirts are a great essential clothing item to have in your wardrobe: they are a versatile and stylish addition that can serve as your work shirt, workout shirt, and even loungewear. Available in a variety of different colors, there isn’t an outfit it won’t work well with. Here are the different ways you can use a cap sleeve shirt in your everyday routines.

Work Wear

If you’re looking for something that’s both comfortable and presentable to wear to work, a cap sleeve shirt is the way to go. Neutral colors might work best if you’re going for a business casual outfit; the shirt can be worn with slacks or a pencil skirt or with a cardigan over the shirt. There are countless opportunities when it comes to crafting the perfect work outfit.

Time to Hit the Gym

Most people tend to either hit the gym before or after work and if you struggle to get out in the morning, you may only have one option: go to the gym immediately after work. Luckily, your cap sleeve shirt that you wore to work can double as a workout shirt! The unique material makes it easy to move in.

Lounging After Work

If you decide to go straight home after work, you’ll find that you will have no need to change out of your cap sleeve shirt. It is comfortable enough to wear at any time. So when you get home from a busy day, you will not feel as if you need to change your shirt to relax a bit.

Bedtime Comfort

After a relaxing night of lounging, you’ll be pleased to know that you can just slip right into bed in your cap sleeve. A simple cap sleeve shirt paired with your favorite pajama bottoms makes for a good night’s rest.

Heirloom's cap sleeve shirts are the meaning of versatility when it comes to clothing. If you’re looking for something that can fulfill various roles in your wardrobe, check out our selection of cap sleeves at Heirloom.

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