Are You a Closet-Watcher or a Closet-Wearer?

21 Feb 2019
When you buy clothes, you are investing in yourself. It is important to find clothes that not only work for you but are clothes that you love! Unfortunately, there are too many of us that are closet-watchers and not a closet-wearers. In other words, there are some of us who might open closet doors and look at all the different options of clothes but not know what to wear. When you are a closet-wearer, you love and use all the clothes you have without much worry or hesitation.

How do the closet-wearers do it? We answer that below!

Fill Your Closet with Versatile Pieces

One of the best ways to start wearing more of the clothes in your closet is by filling it with a variety of versatile pieces. Some people will buy something new and think they are going to love it, only to find that they don’t know when to wear it and what to wear it with. By purchasing layering shirts (camis, cap sleeves, etc.), classic denim jeans, and even a couple of dresses and skirts will help put you on the path of becoming a closet-wearer. The more versatile your clothing is, the more you will be able to mix and match different outfits.

Keep Up to Date with Trends

With a good amount of versatile pieces at your disposal, you should have a wide array of options that you can use for years to come; however, fashion trends come and go all the time! To stay confident and excited to wear your clothes out in public, it is important to at least recognize the latest styles. Keeping up with new trends in fashion doesn’t mean that you have to go out and purchase the newest line of designer clothing as much as possible, but simply pick and choose some of the styles that might work for you. While you will want to keep your cap sleeve shirts and other essential tees, don’t be afraid to cycle through your out-of-date clothes and replace them with a few new ones!

Find Your Personal Brand

When it comes to your clothes, what you wear often defines you. Considering everyone is different, you create your own personal brand with what you wear, and that’s great! We encourage you to be confident in yourself and your own brand. Recognizing the latest trends is wise, but you don’t need to follow strictly to what the fashion designers are creating. Don’t be afraid to be bold and wear a layering shirt with whatever you want! As long as you stay within the realm of matching your outfits and using your clothes appropriately, you should be just fine! When you combine versatility with some of the latest fashion trends, you are going to have fun coming up with your own, personal brand.

The more you are able to enjoy mixing and matching your essentials with current styles, the more you will become a closet-wearer. Even as trends come and go, your versatile layering shirts and other essentials can stay in your closet for months or even years to come (though, you shouldn’t hold on to everything forever)! For the most reliable essentials around, check out Heirloom Clothing today!

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