Best Way to Wash and Dry Your Clothes

16 May 2019

Washers and dryers today come with a lot of new features that are supposed to be tailored to your needs, however, if its a habit to simply wash your clothes on the normal setting, you might be damaging your clothing unnecessarily. Most apparel comes with washing instructions, and not following those instructions can really hurt the lifespan of your clothes. While the layering shirts and other fashion wear that we make are stronger than other companies’ clothing products, it is still good to know the most efficient ways to wash your clothes.

Wash Only When You Need to Wash

Before talking about any specific washing tips, it is important to remember that your clothes don’t have to be washed after wearing them just once. We are not advocating anything that promotes something outside of clean hygiene, but there is such a thing as over-washing. If you wear a layering shirt and a jacket for a couple hours and don’t sweat much, wait before you throw those clothes in your laundry bin. If it doesn’t feel, look or smell dirty, you are probably safe to fold it up and use it another day without washing it. There are other kinds of situations that you could think about and the principle is the same — only wash your clothes when you need to.

Cold Wash

A lot of different mixing and washing is better with hot water, but clothes are not one of them. While everyone that has washed dishes knows that using hot water helps remove leftover food from plates, bowls and utensils, that is not the case with clothes. Hot water will damage the fabric of clothes a lot more than cold water will. If you think the detergent or other chemicals you use won’t mix as well in cold water, you don’t need to worry, today’s detergent products work fine with cold water. 

Careful Drying

Depending on the type of clothes you are looking to dry, the method may differ. For example, some shirts are fine with being dried in a dryer on a high or low tumble dry setting, but jeans are best dried by hanging them. With our essential and layering shirts, they should either be dried on the low tumble setting of a drying machine, laid flat, or hung up to dry as well! Outside of the type of clothing, another factor to pay attention to for drying is the type of material/fabric. Cotton and linens are fine to be dried on a hot or warmer setting in the dryer, whereas knitwear should avoid any direct heating method.

Follow Instructions

The best advice that we can give you is to follow the instructions that are left on the clothes. Whether its a tag on the side seam of a sweater or a tagless label on the back of a layering shirt, you can follow specific instructions that will give you the best washing and drying methods. If you are trying to wash a stain out of one of your favorite shirts, we have another blog that gives you more specific instructions on how to do so effectively.

When it is simply time for you to purchase some new clothes after the wear and tear has taken its toll on your clothes, take a look at all the different layering shirts and other fashion wear we have here at Heirloom Clothing today!

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