Cap Sleeve Shirts vs. Camisoles

03 May 2019
When it comes to choosing the perfect layering shirt for you, you have to compare your options to see which one will best suit your fashion and comfort needs. A layering shirt is a timeless piece of clothing that every woman should keep in their wardrobe, but which layering shirt is going to be put to the best use? Well, it all depends on the type of person you are and what you’re going to be using your layering shirt for.

We here at Heirloom have come up with a comparative guide between two of the most common types of layering shirts: the cap sleeve shirt and the camisole. This guide will help you decide which one is going to be best suited for your needs. Here is our detailed description of these two timeless pieces and what they offer.


The camisole is the perfect layering shirt to wear under low-cut sweaters, shirts, blazers or cardigans. This lightweight sleeveless garment acts mostly as a layering shirt with thinner straps than a regular tank top. Alternatively, with its soft-stretch fabric and unconfining slim fit, you could use this layering shirt as a workout shirt. The camisole also offers a tagless label which is meant to keep you comfortable and stay out of sight. If you’re the active type or you’re simply a fan of layering, the camisole is going to be a great option for you.

Cap Sleeve Shirt

The cap sleeve shirt is another great layering shirt option, but unlike the camisole, it is more often used as a standalone shirt. It is recommended that you size up if you’re looking to wear the shirt as a standalone and want a looser fit, otherwise, it offers a soft-stretch-fabric that holds you but won’t bind you. The cap sleeve has many similarities to the camisole, but the cap sleeve can offer you a more casual look. If you like to layer, but tend to wear stand-alone shirts more often, then a cap sleeve shirt might be the best option for you.

These shirts have various similarities when it comes to materials, but they serve a few different purposes. If you’re looking to stock up on comfortable and reliable layering shirts, check out the selection available on our website. We not only have camisoles and cap sleeves but a collection of tanks, long sleeves, 1/2 sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and more.

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