Cardigan and Tank Top Combos We Love

12 Nov 2019

At Heirloom Clothing, layering tees are our specialty! We have tons of different shirt cuts in several color options so you can get exactly what you want. In this blog, we have put together some of our favorite cardigan and tank top combos for fall.

Tank Top

One of our favorite layering tees is our basic tank top shirt. With its slim feminine fit, smooth neckline and soft stretch fabric, this top is perfect for layering with cardigans for the chilly weather. A great fall pairing is our Tango Red tank top with our Favorite Cardigan in black. This dark, flowing cardigan allows the brightly colored tank top to pop against the black, creating an eye-catching outfit. Wear dark wash jeans and add a statement piece such as a bold necklace to finish up this look. 


Need a layering combo that you can wear on a casual night out with friends? Our basic camisole is the best place to start! It has thinner straps than our tank top and comes in 11 different colors to match any outfit you can imagine. Our navy camisole paired with our Boyfriend Cardigan in cream is a cool color combo that will surely impress. Complete the look with straight denim pants and booties and accessorize with a comfy scarf. 

Cap Sleeve

With or without a cardigan, cap sleeve tops are perfect for layering at the office since you can add or take away layers and still be office appropriate! We love the basic cap sleeve layering tee in Dolphin Gray paired with our Signature Cardigan in Passion Green. This combo adds some color to your outfit and lets the cardigan stand out. Add a black pencil skirt, tights and heels to finish this office-ready look.

Need options in your wardrobe? Check out our website today and see all of our layering tee options! With so many colors and cuts to choose from, we have all the essentials you’ll need to grow your fall wardrobe and make it more versatile!

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