Choosing The Right Camisole Shirt

07 Jun 2019

Summer is just around the corner so let us help you find the perfect camisole for your summer festivities! Here at Heirloom, our camisole shirt is the perfect option for layering or wearing as a stand-alone piece! 

Our Camisole Features

With its slim feminine fit, our camisole shirts do not give you any discomfort when layered under another top and it looks great when worn on its own. Its smooth neckline offers extra coverage without being bulky or disrupting the fit of your other layers. It has soft-stretch fabric that holds you in but is not restricting making this camisole a great option on your busiest days. This camisole also has long length providing maximum coverage for low cut pants and shirts.

How Do You Know if it’s Right For You?

If you are worried about the fit, use our fit tip guide to help you decide! Our fit tip guide helps you get a perfectly fitted Heirloom Camisole.

Step 1: Use the “Perfect Fit Tips” image to obtain your measurements.

Step 2: Make sure you know your own personal measurements.

Step 3: For a tighter fit, order down one size; for a looser fit, order up one size. 

The Perfect Setting

You can wear your Heirloom Camisole for any occasion. Let us go through some of our favorite ways to wear our favorite camisole shirt.


Summer: We love to pair our camisoles with our favorite jean jacket. If it gets too hot you can easily tie your jacket around your waist and rock our camisole by itself!

Spring: Our camisole makes the perfect compliment to our favorite light-weight sweater. They are light, slim fitting and stretchy, making it the perfect compliment to any sweater!

Fall: Pair one of our layering camisoles under your favorite jacket or cardigan and accessorize with a scarf. With over 10 colors, we are sure you will find the perfect shade of camisole to complete your outfit.

Winter: If you live in a colder climate like us, might we suggest wearing one of our camisoles under your clothes this winter. Whether it’s with some cozy pajama bottoms or under a massive sweater, a camisole works great!

No matter how you decide to wear your Heirloom camisole, we know you can find the perfect camisole for you. With so many options and different colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong. If you are scared to make the plunge, use our fit tip guide to help you be sure you find the perfect camisole for your body type!

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