Choosing the Right Long Sleeve Shirt

07 Jun 2019

It doesn’t matter who you are, finding the right piece of clothing can be challenging, and when it comes to long sleeve shirts, especially during the summer, it is no different. However, by understanding what you’re looking for with your long sleeve shirt, it can be a cinch! All you need to do is ask yourself what you want your shirt to do for you. How do you want it to fit? How do you want it to look? Do you see yourself wearing it? Once you’ve answered these three questions, you should have confidence in finding and choosing the right long sleeve shirt for any season of the year!

The Right Look

A lot of the time, our first instinct in deciding whether we like a piece of clothing or not is based solely on its look. We may love the idea of a certain pattern, style or overall design but still don’t know if it will work for us. This is where we need to use our imagination and picture what it will look like paired with our other clothes and/or how it will look with our body type. Whether it’s a long sleeve or not, if it’s something that catches your eye, then consider picking it out!

The Right Time

After you’ve found the right design, you should then ask yourself when it’s appropriate to wear. This is a question that might come naturally with long sleeve shirts during the summer, and while you may feel silly considering it, you shouldn’t! Long sleeve shirts work great in the summer!

There are plenty of times and places during the summer at which you can pull on a long sleeve. Some of those times include a cozy night inside, during a rainy day, during a weekend camping trip in the mountains, or when you are on the beach or in a boat at the lake. Once you’ve been in the sun for a while, it’s nice to cover up your arms and shoulders with a long sleeve, or during a chilly boat ride from the combination of cold water and wind. A long sleeve in the summer is not a bad idea, not even if you want to wear a looser-fit long sleeve with short shorts!

Just be sure that you know when you will wear your long sleeve and what you will wear it with.

The Right Fit

The last thing you want to consider as you try to choose the right long sleeve shirt is how it fits. You want to feel comfortable in any of the clothes you wear, and if something feels off, then don’t wear it! Some long sleeves might fit too tightly around the arms, or the length might be a little too short for your liking. If that is the case, continue searching until you find the right fit!

A Long Sleeve Shirt for You

At Heirloom, we make it a point to give you a comfortable shirt that looks good and feels natural when you wear it. If you are trying to find the right long sleeve shirt for you, check out the many options you have with Heirloom Clothing.

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