Different Ways to Style a Black Long Sleeve Layering Shirt

26 Feb 2019
A black, long sleeve shirt is a simple yet versatile addition to any outfit. Whether you a going for a casual, sporty, or elegant look, a black layering shirt will help you pull off a variety of different styles. Here are four ways you can make it happen!


Overalls are without a doubt one of the most trendy clothing items right now and they are only getting more and more popular. One of the best ways to improve this already fashionable article of clothing is by adding a black long sleeve layering shirt. Simply wear the layering shirt under the overalls and you are set with a casual and comfortable outfit.


You can choose to match your black layering shirt with a flannel shirt. Whether you keep the flannel shirt open with the black underneath, or you make the layering shirt your main focus by tying the flannel around your waist, this is a great look! This specific combination would be best accompanied by denim jeans and a casual pair of shoes.

Midi Skirt

Another popular clothing item today is the midi skirt. The best thing about these skirts and what makes them so popular is that they come in a variety of styles. From the vast selection of different midi skirts, you can easily pair them with other clothing items. One of the best options, of course, is a black essential shirt — your long sleeve layering shirt but with nothing over the top. To add some elegance to the outfit, you can try including accessories such as a necklace, earrings or bracelets to match your shirt.

Denim Jeans and a Jacket

A black long sleeve layering shirt under a jacket and denim jeans are perhaps one of the most classic combinations around. By pairing a black long sleeve with your favorite denim jeans, jacket, casual shoes, and a few simple accessories, you are able to be yourself!

It doesn’t matter how you choose to wear your black layering shirt, the simplicity of this clothing item gives you the versatility to wear whatever you want. Whether it is classy or causal that you are aiming for, you really can’t go wrong with wearing a black long sleeve shirt. For a variety of different laying or essential shirt options, check out the amazing selection available at Heirloom Clothing! From layering shirts to cap sleeve shirts, we have something for every woman.

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