Essential Tops for Women

05 Sep 2019

For those looking to develop their personal style, essential tops are an excellent way to create your personal style and begin to build unique and stylish outfits. Essential tops are an important staple for any woman’s closet. Finding the perfect basic tees allows for so many different outfit combinations. Once someone finds essential tops they love, it is easy to stock up with pieces for all seasons. Our essential tops for women are go-to staples for chic outfits. 

layering shirt

Classic Black Tee

Our black tops for women are amazing because they can be used in many different situations. For starters, they are great during all seasons! Whether it’s under your trench coat in the winter or matched with your cut off shorts, a classic black tee works for either outfit. Also, this basic tee can easily match with any patterns because of its simple design. It’s important to have a nice and comfortable top that can be used again and again. Having these staples in your closet makes it easier to create stylish and chic outfits. 

Classic White Tank Top  

Our essential white tank tops for women are our summertime favorite! The thick material makes it perfect in the sunshine because it is not see-through. The shirt matches with black bottoms of any length and adds an effortless chic look to any outfit. It can also be worn under any see-through shirt. The top is classic and can be dressed up with any long necklace or neck scarf to add flair to it. The tank top is also great for working out or hiking. All of these combinations and uses make the tank top essential for every wardrobe. 

Essential tops for women give you a great return on investment and are a wonderful choice in the long run. These shirts become the choice favorite again and again. They become your wardrobe warrior, that one shirt that if you can’t find it, you suffer its loss. Luckily at heirloom, we have you covered with high-quality shirts in a variety of cuts and shades. Our tops give women the opportunity to build their style and create the look they want. Looking put together will always be in style, and with our essential tops, you'll find that it is easier to continue developing your style and feel comfortable. 

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