Fashion for Women Over 40

20 Mar 2019
No matter your age, fashion should be fun and make you feel comfortable and confident. It is tough for many women over 40, 50, 60 and beyond to know how to put together a clothing wardrobe that is flattering and age appropriate. Many women struggle feeling that the clothes they currently wear are dated, but also feel silly when they try on the latest fashion trends. So we’ve decided to help out. Check out below for some tips and tricks on how to find your style over 40.

Styles That Are Too Young

One of the common concerns women over 40 have about their clothes is that they feel like they try to look younger and it doesn’t always work. Many woman avoid dressing in certain styles in fear that the styles are more suitable for younger woman. Then there are some others that dress in styles trying to look younger but seem to somehow look older and sometimes a bit silly. An example of this are women who wear skirts that are too short.

The solution to this concern is to create a wardrobe built on clothes and styles that appropriately fit you. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Even if you can fit into junior clothes, be careful in those departments.
  • When you wear any kind of cap sleeve shirt or plain colored t-shirt, be cautious with too many accessories that shine and sparkle too much.
  • Focus on fit instead of size. Especially when wearing tops like layering shirts or other essential shirts, don’t get trapped by only wanting to wear a certain size. Too tight can make you look heavier and older. Buy clothes that really fit your body shape.

Fashion Trends

Make sure to check out all the latest fashion trends to find the right clothes and accessories. Finding practical and stylish outfits doesn’t have to be difficult. Being over 40 doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. While on the one hand it is suggested to avoid certain styles that look too young, the same goes for styles that look too old. Don’t buy stuff that makes you look older. You aren’t in your seventies, so there are still fun ways to make bright colors look amazing on you. Some things to avoid are thick rimmed glasses, chain jewelry, older cardigans, and granny shoes.

Fashion doesn’t have to end just because you are getting older; you can still look and feel amazing at any age. Invest in some quality clothes and essential layering shirts or cap sleeve shirts in order to build up a timeless wardrobe that you can feel comfortable and confident in every single day.

While the wearability of some trendy pieces may wax and wane, there are some great fabrics and designs that really never go out of style. Don’t feel like fashion is a boat that you just missed as you grow older, you can always find something that works for you. To get back at it, take a look at our selection at Heirloom Clothing, today!

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