Fashion Throughout the Decades

05 Apr 2019
Today, women have access to a wide array of clothing items and styles. From a comfortable layering shirt to a classy dress, there are limitless options when it comes to your outfit choice, but has it always been this way?

Over the years, fashion has changed, and today, we’re going to look into the women’s side of fashion throughout the past century. Trends tend to come and go as time goes on, but we currently live during a time that has been called, “the mash-up decade,” but let’s go back a few years. Eras such as the 1980s, 1990s and even the 1950s all had very specific trends and fashion styles that spanned across the country. Here are some of the different trends from decade to decade.

The Roaring Twenties

The twenties brought about a new sense of freedom to women across the country and it also brought about the “flapper” era. Before this new era emerged, women usually dressed a bit older than their actual age, but modernity caught up to fashion after the implementation of the 19th Amendment. Women soon began ditching their constricting clothing and began wearing looser fitting and more comfortable clothing; the most popular amongst the new styles consisted of flapper style dresses and cloche hats.

The 1950s — Post-War Era

After the stock market crash, fashion trends took a hit due to the public’s financial inability to live comfortably. However, the beginning of the 1950s saw the revival of the fashion craze. The economic boom and push toward consumerism gave women access to several types of fabrics. To this day, we still see some of these styles and fabrics in everyday clothing like a layering shirt or a pea coat.

While we mentioned that the twenties brought about fashion freedom, women in the fifties were again expected to dress in certain ways, but many women conformed to this newly established fashion standard. Styles that were popular in the fifties included mid-calf hemlines, dresses with bright flowing colored skirts, form-fitting knee-length pencil skirts and tight girdles.

The 1960s

The 1960s introduced unisex clothing, a movement among the youth that aimed to reject the emphasis on conformity and other cultures. The leather jacket was a primary example of a clothing item which was made unisex in the sixties. Originating in the fifties, the “greaser’ style became popular in the sixties. Leather jackets were oftentimes paired with a form-fitting layering shirt and distressed jeans.

The 1970s

The years that past during the late 1960s and the 1970s are widely known for popularizing the “hippie” movement, which brought about clothing items such as long maxi skirts, bell-bottomed jeans, bright tie-dye shirts and paisley patterns.

During the late seventies, a tight-fitting layering shirt and loose-fitting bottoms combo could be seen virtually everywhere across the country, and unisex clothing became a staple item. Bold patterns, sports jackets and baggy sweaters also became particularly popular during this era.

The 1980s — Era of Pop

The styles which thrived in the 1980s were similar to those of the late seventies, but women also began wearing skin-tight cotton leggings, oversized sweaters and off-the-shoulder-tops. Parachute pants also made their debut in the eighties.

The 1990s — Fashion Minimalism

While the eighties brought about bright clothing, the nineties gave way to a more minimalistic fashion trend. During this era, women wore relaxed fit jeans, a plain t-shirt or sometimes a layering shirt, flannel shirt and stonewashed jeans — colors ranging from gray to darker shades of green. When it comes to footwear, Doc Martens leather boots were probably the most popular shoe during the nineties, along with classic Vans.

The 2000’s — Anything Goes

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, our modern era is the “mash-up” era where anything goes. Today, you’ll see a blend of new, unique styles as well as older styles; trend fusions have become the new norm. Clothing from older generations are considered “vintage,” and you can find a great number of people that support that style. Today, you can see women wearing anything from bell bottoms, layering shirts, neon clothing, and even denim and leather jackets. At the same time, while many people wear trends from the past, there are still plenty of new styles as well.

Fashion trends have changed throughout the decades and they continue to today, but you can take a trip through time by wearing anything from the different eras. From a layering shirt to a classic leather jacket, there is no style that you can’t flaunt.

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