Five Elements of a Quality Shirt

12 Apr 2019

At Heirloom, we believe that every shirt should provide you with comfort, coverage and provide timeless, durable wear. To us, there are five attributes that our shirts contain that do just this and they are listed below.

Tag-less Design

The beginning to all comfortable shirts is a tag-less design. There are still some companies that are placing their tags on the back of the neck or elsewhere, but with that kind of subtle irritation, would you seriously consider that piece of clothing, “top-quality?” To appease everyone, all of our shirts — tanks, cap sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, or other layering shirts — are made without any tags.

A Neckline with Coverage

Some of the styles you find today require that you wear some kind of layering shirt, but if they don’t give you the coverage you are looking for, what is the point? Whether you are layering or simply looking to wear something without showing too much of your chest, you’ll find that Heirloom products have a neckline that provides you with more coverage than most; they are great with clothing that is low-cut.

Resilient Stitching

One of the ways clothing companies cut corners is by settling for cheaper manufacturing and, in turn, stitching that unravels too easily. Whether its a string on the seam or behind a button, no one wants clothes that are coming apart — literally! No matter what your day entails or how long you use one of our shirts, you want to be sure that the stitching will stay intact.

Soft but Strong Fabric

Arguably, the most important aspect of all quality clothing is a material that will last! There are a lot of brands out there that sell clothing with the latest trends but fail to give them the quality they need. You may love some of the designs and characteristics of a shirt, but after washing it once or twice, the color begins to fade and it begins to lose its shape. For this reason, our shirts are custom made in order to withstand the typical wear and tear that shirts receive. Wash after wash, an Heirloom cap sleeve shirt or tank top will retain its soft fabric and stretchability. This is truly beneficial when you rely heavily on these shirts to give you the comfort that you want and the ability to move as you need.

Longer length

The last attribute that makes a quality shirt is the length. Sometimes you’ll have a regular shirt or a layering shirt that you are constantly trying to pull down. Heirloom's essential shirts provide longer lengths to cover low cut pants, shorts or skirts.No more worry about bending over!

These five qualities give your shirt complete coverage, a longer lifespan, and the comfort to make anyone happy. Obviously, different trends call for different styles, but for a quality shirt that can be used almost anytime, you’ll want an essential shirt from Heirloom Clothing. To see more, check out our fabulous line of selections today.

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