Heirloom’s Fall Color Options from Our Essential Shirt Selection

02 Oct 2019

We recently wrote a blog about our ¾ sleeve shirts and the fall color options that they come in. In this blog, we’re going to do the same but for all of our layering tees! As wonderful and fitting as ¾ sleeve shirts are for fall weather, there are other laying shirt options you will want to consider throughout the entirety of the autumn season!

Fashion styles change with the seasons, and that’s why we have all the colors you need to look great this autumn season. From cap sleeves to long sleeves, it doesn’t matter if you prefer short sleeves over long sleeves, we have all the essential layering tees you need. Here are our fall layering shirt colors!

Mango Mojito

The first color we want to introduce to you is our Mango Mojito! This color slightly resembles a darker yellow, a great option during the fall! You can pair our Mango Mojito layering tees with black and white pants or denim jeans. Yellow is one of the most popular fall colors because of how well it matches the colors of the leaves. The same principle applies to brown, orange and red colors. That’s why these are the other colors we will discuss in this blog

Dutch Brown

Dutch Brown is a color that you’ll want to add to your fall wardrobe. A Dutch Brown top is a rich color that looks elegant with the right accessories. Try on a brown piece and see what pants and accessories you feel most confident in!

Living Orange Coral

Another classic fall color is orange, and our Living Orange Coral is best paired with brown, black, beige or denim bottoms. You can also pair this layering tee with a brown, black and white jacket, sweater or coat.

Tango Red

The last color we’ll feature in our collection of fall layering tees is red! Tango Red is a popular option during almost any season, but it goes great during the fall season. Pair a Tango Red layering tee with black pants to get the most pop out of your outfit. You can also add a black jacket (a piece you should also have during this season) if you’ll be walking around outdoors.

With a variety of colors to choose from with our layering tee selection, you shouldn’t have a problem finding tops that brighten up your fall wardrobe! For the most versatile and chic layering tees, check out the colors for yourself by heading over to our website today.

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