Heirloom’s Top-3 Most Popular Shirts

10 Jul 2019

Are you on a hunt for great tops? What shirts do you find yourself wearing again and again for years and years? Our customers have a few favorites that they come back to again and again. While there are a lot of tops for women to choose from, we make sure ours are elegant and comfortable. Here are a few of our most popular shirts that will upgrade any closet today. 

Basic Cap Sleeve

Our cap sleeve shirt is a crowd favorite because it is comfortable, form-fitting and long-lasting. The shirt is very versatile it can be used as an undershirt or as a stand-alone t-shirt. The shirt comes in 14 different colors that are able to maintain their color longer than most others. A lot of women prefer our cut because it is longer than other essential shirts, making it easier to pair with other clothes. The shirt has a neckline cut that is comfortable. The smooth neckline gives the shirt an elegant appeal to it. 

Basic Camisole

Another extremely popular shirt is our camisole. Out of all of the types of tops for women, the camisole is the best for summertime. Our customers love the Basic Camisole Shirt because of its slim fit, comfort and lightweight! Like our other essential shirts, this shirt has a longer length and is tagless. This design makes sure that no annoying tags are rubbing against you under your clothes. The smooth edges and straps make the shirt perfect as an undershirt. 

Basic Tank Top

Possibly the most versatile option we provide is our tank top. It doubles as exercise clothes and casual wear but can also be worn with skirts too. Thanks to its smooth finish on the edges, our customers love wearing it to work out or under their clothes. It’s feminine cut and design make it very comfortable to wear. The fabric and color are of the highest quality and are made to last. When it comes to tops for women, the tank top is a great option. 

There’s a reason our Basic Cap Sleeve, Basic Camisole, and Basic Tank Top are popular among our customers, they become favorites in any closet. Again, there are a lot of tops for women, but these are must-haves.  They help to elevate outfits and bring them to another level by looking sleek and put together. In addition, they match well with the clothes in anybody’s closet. Adding one of these popular shirts to your closet is sure to enhance it. They are the quiet warriors of any closet that help hold it all together. They make any closet classier and more put together.   

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