How Fashion Can Help Build Your Confidence

07 Mar 2019

Having a healthy self-confidence is vital to your well-being. It is mentally and emotionally beneficial to feel good about yourself and it can make you more successful! There is a definite relationship between what we wear and how we feel. We all have certain outfits that make us feel strong, powerful or confident, and then we have outfits that do the opposite. Wearing clothes that make you feel important or attractive can change the way you interact with others as well as how you feel about yourself.

Studies have shown that dressing well really can boost your confidence in any area of your life. Whether or not we realize it, the way we feel about ourselves is often linked directly to our appearance. This means it is important to find clothes you love from clothing companies you love. At Heirloom Clothing, we work hard to make sure you look good and feel good every day in any of our essentials, like our cap sleeve shirts. We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to help you dress your best and build your confidence:

Wear Clothes That Fit

Take time to measure yourself properly and to try on your clothes before you buy. Whether or not your clothes fit can either make you feel confident and attractive, or uncomfortable and unattractive. Pick clothes, especially layering shirts, that fit you really well. Too many of us wear clothes that are either too big or too small. It is important to buy the right clothes that work for your body.

Invest in a Range of Quality Basics

This literally means having the basics, which are clothes that you can mix and match in various situations. When you have a wide range of basics, you never have that “I have nothing to wear” feeling. Investing in a range of good quality basic items builds your closet and in turn, can help you to feel more confident.

Some of the basics we have come up with include:

-A white shirt cap sleeve and long sleeve
-A black shirt cap sleeve and long sleeve
-Layering shirts like tanks, camis, 3/4 sleeve, etc.
-A signature dress
-A good quality blouse
-A blazer
-An A-line or a pencil skirt
-Fit Jeans
-A sweater or cardigan

Make sure to find pieces in these categories that fit your style and needs. Take the time you need to find the right pieces. Having these staples in your wardrobe gives you so many options, flexibility, and security.

Dress Appropriately for the Season/Occasion

Another way to feel confident and comfortable is to make sure you are dressed for the weather outside. Make sure you have a few light sweaters paired with a layering shirt for spring and fall, some flattering cap sleeve shirts and other lighter clothes for summer clothes, and some quality layering shirts and a nice coat for winter.

Likewise, you want to make sure you are always dressed to fit the occasion. Whatever your situation might be, wear whatever makes you feel the best. For example, if you are going to present at a business meeting you might want to wear a layering shirt and a blazer, or even a cap sleeve or long sleeve shirt with a pencil skirt. No matter what you are doing, wear clothing that you feel great in.

Take Time to Prepare

We have already stated that how you dress does affect how you and others perceive you. This also implies that it takes some time in order to figure out what you want to wear each day. Ironing and picking out your outfits the day before will help you to be ready for the day and feel strong and confident.

If You Don’t Feel Great in It, Donate It

This last step is really important. We often hang on to clothes for years with the thought, “Someday I might wear this.” If this is you, it is time to get rid of it. Any clothing that you do not like or that you don’t feel confident in should not be in your closet. Even if you have spent money on the item, if you do not like it or feel good in it, donate it. Somebody is bound to love it and it is okay if that somebody is not you. It is better to have fewer pieces that make you feel amazing and fit you perfectly rather than having a huge closet of things you don’t wear. If you don’t love it, let it go.

Find clothes you love and you’ll be sure to boost your self-confidence. If you are looking to build the basics in your closet, be sure to come to Heirloom Clothing for all your needed essentials.

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