How to Brighten Up Your Outfit with a Layering Shirt

09 May 2019

With so many different colors, patterns and textures of clothing available to us, it seems that many of us seem to gravitate to the more neutral and plain colored styles. Why is this? For some women, they feel more comfortable in neutral colors and don’t want to appear flashy or stand out too much. Others feel that neutral colors look best on them and hide some of their flaws. However, there are ways to brighten up your outfit without looking too flashy or feeling uncomfortable in your clothing.

At Heirloom Clothing, we believe every woman should feel confident in her clothes, which is why we make the most comfortable and fashionable women's undershirts. Here are a few ways you can brighten up your outfit with a layering shirt.

Pop of Color

Layering shirts can provide a simple pop of color to any of your outfits. Let’s say you have a low cut black blouse, you can add a bright yellow or even a light pink camisole underneath this blouse to help cover your chest while adding a touch of color to your darker outfit. This pop of color can help break up the dark colors without being too bright and bold.

Bright essential shirts also look great under sheer shirts. Instead of wearing a classic white shirt underneath a sheer white or cream blouse, try wearing a pink or blue one instead to add a subtle color to your look.

Patterned Pieces

It can sometimes be tricky to find pieces to wear with patterned skirts, dresses and even sweaters/jackets, but a solid colored women’s undershirt is the solution to this fashion issue. A black and white striped skirt with a bright red cap sleeve shirt is a great summer outfit, and you can use your red cap sleeve to brighten up your looks in the winter time too! If you have a fun patterned scarf, this would also look great over any bright colored essential shirt.

Underneath Jackets and Cardigans

Going back to creating a pop of color, bright layering shirts also work great underneath staple jackets, blazers or cardigans. If you’re looking for a professional outfit, try a light blue essential shirt tucked into a pencil skirt and a nice cardigan over top. For a business casual look, you can wear your favorite bright colored essential shirt underneath a classic blazer and a pair of nice jeans or pants.

As you can see, it's really easy to brighten up any one of your outfits with a layering shirt! It all starts with just keeping a few colored essential shirts in your closet that you can pull out whenever you are wanting to add a pop of color to your look. To shop the best selection of layering shirts and fashion items, visit today!

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