How to Choose What Color Layering Shirt to Wear

23 Jan 2019

Everyone has their own style when it comes to clothing, however, there is one piece of clothing that you might be able to find in anyone’s wardrobe no matter what their taste in style is — a layering shirt! While your wardrobe tells a lot about who you are, a layering shirt is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe; it serves various functions and helps pull together any outfit. While you may understand that you need to keep this staple of clothing in your closet, you should consider what color works best for what occasion.

Here at Heirloom Clothing, we know that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion, so take both style and comfort into consideration. Here are our best tips for determining what color layering shirt you should wear.

Consider the Look

A layering shirt serves as a subtle addition to almost any outfit imaginable. You should always determine the look you’re going for and base your layering shirt color off that. For example, if you don’t want your undershirt to detract from your outfit, you should opt for a color that matches your top or main layer. If you’re going to be using a sheer shirt for your outfit, you might want to use a nude or tan layering shirt to layer underneath in order to take away from that top layer and add a bit of flare.

Brighter colors that pop bring more life to an outfit, so if your layering shirt plays a more visible role in your outfit, consider picking a color that really stands out!

Seasons Play a Role in Color Choices

While you can wear any color during any season, there are specific ones that may be considered “in season.” During the spring and summer seasons, you’ll see more people wearing lighter colored clothing. This is because light colors absorb less heat and helps people stay more cool during particularly hot days in comparison to their darker counterparts. During the fall and winter months, outfits tend to shift to darker colors as more people want to layer up with their coats and sweaters in an attempt to stay as warm as possible during colder days.

When it comes to deciding what color of layering shirt to wear, again, you should consider the style you’re aiming for and incorporate the seasons so that you can really make your outfit work. When you combine these two elements, you’re bound to create the most comfortable, yet stylish outfit without sacrificing anything.

If you’re looking to fill your wardrobe with some of the most luxurious — yet affordable — layering shirts, be sure to check out our impeccable selection at Heirloom Clothing! We have something for every style and the material will be some of the most comfortable you experience.

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