How to Conquer Wardrobe Boredom

12 Apr 2019

Whether your wardrobe is big or small, everyone relates to that feeling of being bored with the same old clothes. But it is not realistic to buy a brand new wardrobe just because you are bored. If that were the case, we’d all be broke and overwhelmed with clutter. At Heirloom Clothing, we take pride in creating quality clothes that are truly timeless. We also know a thing or two about fashion and can help you learn to love your wardrobe again. Keep reading to find out our tips and tricks to help you get over wardrobe boredom.


Look for inspiration. From time to time, we all suffer from a feeling of our wardrobe being a tad stale. If you are currently feeling this, seek some fresh inspiration. The best ways to find fashion inspiration is to hop onto Pinterest or Instagram to find some new ideas to make you feel powerful and confident in your wardrobe again. Another great way to find inspiration is to check the websites of the clothing companies you like. Seeing pictures of outfits they match together can help you to figure out new ways to pair up your current wardrobe. Knowing how to use layering shirts in a new way and alter your accessories for different outfits will make your wardrobe feel brand new. Whenever you see an outfit you like on social media or on a clothing website, try to use your own clothes to recreate it.

Declutter your closet: Another important step to getting over wardrobe boredom is to get rid of all the excess clothes in your closet. Having old clothes that you never wear taking up space in your closet makes it harder for you to find outfits you love. Throw out anything that you haven’t worn for at least a year and don’t think about it again. This goes for anything else in your closet that you just don’t love, not just old clothes.

Store seasonal items: Put away anything that is not currently in season. If you aren’t going to wear it now anyway, there is no reason to stare at it. Your wardrobe will be more boring if it is full of things you can’t currently wear. During the summer, store all your long sleeve layering shirts and break out your cap sleeve shirts for some sunshine fun.

Refresh occasionally: It is important to get a couple new items every season in order to keep your closet feeling fresh. It adds a whole new element to a rather similar closet. Plan ahead and purchase a few seasonal pieces like new cap sleeve shirts, tanks or a new pair of shorts for the summer.

Accessorize: Accessories are one of the easiest ways to keep your outfits looking different. You don’t have to have a lot of accessories to succeed with this. Simply changing your necklace or shoes will make your outfit feel completely new.

Mix it up: Try new combinations you have never tried before. This is where looking for inspiration could come in handy. Randomly take certain items from your wardrobe and pair them together to see how they turn out. This is where layering shirts and jackets and accessories come in to really shake up the look.

Don’t settle for wardrobe boredom any longer. You have attractive clothes that can make you feel powerful and confident! Use these different tips to overcome boredom with your closet, and to gain more inspiration, check out the rest of our website! We have the best selection of essential shirts (tanks, long sleeves, cap sleeve shirts and other layering shirts), as well as other options.

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