How to Dress for Success

07 Mar 2019
It’s a common belief that the way you dress has an impact on your productivity. We often hear the phrase “dress for success,” but what does that really mean? Does the outfit itself have a direct impact on your productivity or is it the way the outfit makes you feel that influences your success? It only makes sense that wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful will boost your confidence. With this comfort and fresh sense of confidence, you can be ready to power through your day with great success!

So how do you achieve this feeling through an outfit?

It can be as simple as an elegant layering shirt — an essential shirt can provides you with added comfort and coverage, no matter what outfit you choose to go with. A layering shirt is meant to move with you, and with it being one of the most versatile pieces of clothing on the market, it can also be paired with almost any outfit. Aside from a layering shirt, here are some more ways to dress for success.

Play with Textures

Textures are a great way to add diversity to your outfit. The best thing about adding texture to an outfit is that you can use anything from a fur coat or a think scarf, all the way down to corduroy pants. For example, one simple way to add texture to an outfit could be done by wearing a pair of jeans, your favorite layering shirt, and a large puffer coat.


Patterns can help elevate a simple outfit and turn it into something classy. When opting to wear neutral colors, a patterned blouse can add some elegance to your outfit. One classic method of wearing patterns in an outfit is by using plaid dress pants paired with a simple layering shirt, blouse and a blazer. Alternatively, you can wear a plain pair of pants with a patterned blazer or blouse.

Utilize Bold Colors

Bold colors can make you stand out more more than neutrals. A bold pair of red jeans paired with a white cap sleeve shirt can seem too vibrant, but can work really well. Bold colors often look best when paired with classic black, grey or white pieces, but can ultimately be used with other bold colors ⎯ you can even combine bold colors with different patterns and textures.


To top of your successful outfit, you should always add accessories. Accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings can really tie an outfit together, helping you radiate with even more confidence. Accessories can be simple, or they can be bold, but it all comes down to what outfit you’re choosing to wear for the day.

These are all amazing ways to dress for success, and no matter what your style is, you can rest assured that these ideas will help you craft the perfect outfit to help you have the confidence you need throughout your day.

To be sure that your outfit will work, a layering shirt is going to be the staple of most of these outfits, so make sure you head over to our website and check out the wide array of options we have available for you.

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