Long Sleeve Shirt Fitting Guidance

01 Jul 2019

Every piece of clothing differs from one clothing company to the next, especially with long sleeve shirts. Depending on the manufacturer, you with have top seams lay differently on top of your shoulders, the cuffs fitting tighter or looser around your arms, the hems falling short or stretching down further, and the inside seams wrapping snug around your sides or hanging detached from your body. No matter how the piece of clothing is created, the best fit really comes down to what your preference is, and with long sleeve shirts, how you want to wear them is ultimately going to dictate what fit you go for!


Even though every company has a different manufacturer and the sizes usually differ, the differences aren’t always super drastic. In fact, fitting principles can still apply from one company’s clothing to another. That’s why the principles of our fit guide can help you! Before discussing the fit of long sleeve shirts, here is a short summary of finding your measurements.

Measuring Your Chest:

  • Place your arms at your side (Note: this is NOT the same as your bra size)
  • Measure under your arms and around the fullest part of your chest
  • Keep the tape measure relaxed

Measuring Your Waist:

  • Measure around your natural waistline
  • Keep the tape measure relaxed

Measuring Your Hips:

  • Stand with your feet together
  • The tape measure should touch your hip bones

Knowing your measurements will be a big help in finding the right size for the clothes you are thinking of buying. A lot of the times, you can find out the measurements of small, medium, large and more sizes from quality companies to find the closest fit for you, but again, it’s up to your preference.

For our Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Shirts, we have the following measurements and sizes:

Find Your Preference

When it comes to the fit of long sleeve shirts, it often comes down to your preference and purpose in wearing one. Usually, the purposes include wearing them as a cover shirt, standalone shirt or layering shirt. Depending on the purpose, long sleeves can fit loosely or tightly. As a cover shirt, the more they hang over the clothes underneath, the better. Oppositely, as a layering shirt, the tighter the fit, the more comfortable it’ll be supporting whatever you have on top! Long sleeves worn as standalone shirts can have a normal fit but they can also be worn tight for a sleek and more formal look or loosely for a more casual and comfortable feel.

Whether you go with a tight or loose fit, they both work great! If you want a looser fit, you may consider going up a size, and for a tighter fit, try going down a size — there is nothing wrong with this! Some women love the cozy look and feel of a long sleeve hanging down from their shoulders and the sleeves casually extending past their hands. At the same time, others like the feeling of the sleeves fitting snuggly around their arms and waist.

Whatever look and fit you are going for, knowing your measurements, preference and purpose is going to help you the most. For our selection of long sleeve shirts and to see the measurements our sizes, take a look at our essential line! Our shirts are made with fine materials and our measurements should match most others. Take a look for yourself!

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