Long Sleeve Shirts and Fall Colors

02 Oct 2019

You may have noticed the weather’s bipolar behavior over the past couple of weeks, and while the temperature isn’t anything we can be certain of day-to-day, there is one thing we can be sure of and that is that the weather is only going to get colder from here on out! We may still have days with sweltering highs in the 80s, but our lows are dropping into the mid-40s. The thing is, we are at the very beginning of autumn! This means it is officially time to switch from summer capris and tees to fall jeans and long sleeves!

It doesn’t take a fashion insider to know that it’s time to start dressing warmer, but we do want to emphasize how nice singular long sleeve shirts are at this time of the year. In addition, you may want to think about finding fall colors for your fall outfits!

The Convenience of Long Sleeve Shirts Right Now

When it all comes down to it, clothing’s purpose is to help us feel comfortable when we go outside! Yes, we want to look our best, and some styles and designs make us feel confident when we meet up with others, but you wouldn’t wear a cute summer outfit in the dead of winter just because it looks good. Throughout the fall, a long sleeve shirt gives you the comfort you need with the weather gradually dropping degrees. Not to mention, standalone long sleeves fit in with fall fashion!

Any time we turn the corner on summer, there are a lot of different outfits we can consider. Boots, leggings, jeans, flannels, vests, jackets, and of course, long sleeve shirts! There may be a few warm autumn days, but on those days you can pull your sleeves up a bit and remove any additional layers to stay comfortable if you start feeling a little warm. What really marks a fall outfit is the color, and there are a variety of combinations you can try!

Fall Colors and Combinations

At Heirloom, we have a variety of color options for you to choose from with all of our essential shirts, but when it comes to our long sleeve shirts, the top two we’d suggest are our Tango Red and Dutch Brown! Both of these options are bold enough to wear on their own with accompanying jeans or pants and additional accessories! Beyond these two colors, you can also create beautiful fall combinations with our black and white long sleeve options.

Going back to some of the other fall looks mentioned above, there are a lot of ways to look great during this season. Whether you wrap it around your waist or throw it over a black or white long sleeve, adding a red or yellow flannel to your outfit will look lovely! One of the easiest yet stunning fall looks is a combination of classic jeans and a white long sleeve shirt layered under an orange or red jacket, vest or cardigan.

These are just a few ideas you can consider, but there is a lot more! Whatever you decide to try, do it now! Don’t wait for the cold to set in before you find your fall colors and combinations. For the most comfortable long sleeve shirts, check out our selection today!

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