Make This Your Best Family Photo Yet

22 Sep 2016

It’s that time again: family photos are just around the corner. You are tired of your bad haircut, stretched-out sweater, and forced smile hanging on your living room wall. This time, you are determined to look flawless and we’re here to help. These are our fail-safe tips and tricks for picking an outfit for a breezy photo session and a family photo you’ll be proud to hang on your wall.



Put Your Smile At Ease

Heirloom model showing off her great smile

Smiling for an hour can be uncomfortable as it is, but wearing a restrictive outfit can make the experience unbearable. Put your smile at ease and find a comfortable t-shirt made from a soft-stretch fabric. Going with a comfortable t-shirt for family pictures will make for a pleasant experience and give you the chance to focus on flashing your pearly whites.



Live With No Regrets

heirloom model showing off how a basic tshirt is great for photos

We all have that one family photo where our outfit makes us cringe and ask, “What was I thinking?” Skip the embarrassment this time and wear a plain t-shirt. If you think a plain t-shirt is boring, switch it up with a plain cap sleeve shirt or a ¾ sleeve shirt. You will never look back and regret the simplicity of a plain t-shirt and guess what? They never go out of style.


Make No Mistake

heirloom model showing how a long tank top is great for wearing during pictures

You never know what pose the photographer will have you do, and how your clothes may react. Try wearing a long tank top under the outfit during your family photo session. Layering a long tank top under an outfit is a sure way to prevent any embarrassing moments that may come from a wardrobe malfunction.


Now you’re ready for your next family photo session. With these tips you are sure to enjoy the experience, and love the way you look for years to come.


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