Mother’s Day Gift Guide

02 May 2019

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and you want to give your mom (as well as most special women in your life) the best gift possible. But what do you give to the person who deserves everything and more? Here at Heirloom Clothing, we understand the importance of women and mothers, which is why we have created a Mother’s Day gift guide so you can properly honor the women and mothers in your life! If you’re struggling to come up with some gift ideas, keep on reading!

Spa Day

Treating your mom to a spa day is one of the best gifts you can give her. She deserves a day to relax once in a while! You can either accompany her on a spa day or give her a gift certificate to a nearby spa. If an entire spa day is out of your price range, a simple gift certificate to go get a massage or a manicure/pedicure is another great option that she will love.


Your mom might not have time to go shopping for herself with how busy she is, so buying her some new clothes or treating her to a day of shopping is a perfect gift. All women could always use a few new layering shirts, cardigans, blouses or even jewelry. Shopping for clothing can be tricky if you don’t know your mom’s size, so if you buy her clothes make sure that the store has a good return policy and you provide her with a gift receipt. You can always purchase a gift card to her favorite clothing store if needed.

Yoga Mat

Yoga has gotten very popular, and chances are your mom has tried her shot at a few yoga classes. Even if she isn’t into yoga, yoga mats are great for exercising and stretching both at home and the gym. A quality yoga mat is something that you probably didn’t think to give your mom, but it’s actually a very practical item that she will love. Imagine how happy she will be at her workout classes wearing her favorite layering shirt and using her own yoga mat instead of using the dirty, worn out mats provided at the gym.

House Plant

House plants have become another trendy item, but actually, have a lot of health benefits as well. If you’re finding your mom’s house needs something to brighten and freshen it up, try getting her a pretty house plant. Before purchasing a plant, do some research on how to take care of them so that you don’t end up with a plant that needs lots of care and maintenance.


If your mom loves to cook, then she will love having a new apron to wear over her layering shirts so she doesn’t get them dirty! Aprons come in many cute styles nowadays, and you can find one that matches her personal style or even the colors in her kitchen. Some matching dishtowels and cute measuring cups/spoons would be a great addition to this gift.

Don’t stress about getting the perfect gift for your mom. There are lots of great gifts that she will love, but remember that it’s the thought, not the gift, that counts. For more gift ideas and to browse our selection of layering shirts and fashion items, visit

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