Must Have Essential Shirt Colors

18 Apr 2019

What are you wearing right now?… Really!! What color patterns do you have? Are there any layers to your outfit? Are you wearing a versatile go-to piece that you wear with everything? Why did you choose what you did? These are just a few questions to draw your attention to your outfit. If you did not notice, there is some kind of thought-process, conscious or unconscious, that directed you to match your outfit the way you did. Whether or not you are the type of person that deeply considers each article of clothing that you wear, there are certain colors and pieces that are key in making an outfit work.

To briefly expand on this thought, the color of the shirt or pants you wear will directly affect what else you wear with it… obvious, right? Further, a good number of your outfits probably require a certain type of essential shirt to supplement your outfit. This is why it’s important to have a few different color options for your multi-purpose tanks, cap sleeve shirts and other layering shirts. If you are curious to know the several different colors that we think you have to include in your collection of essential shirts, take a look below.


The first and most common essential shirt color for anyone is white! As a layering shirt, white gives your outfit a wonderful contrast with any other color, light or dark. They work great under sheer shirts and as a cover for low-cut tops and bottoms.


Similar to white, black also goes well with just about everything, light or dark. However, opposite from that of a white cap sleeve shirt or another essential shirt, a black shirt draws less attention. If you are looking to hide some curves or lines, black is the perfect option.


While navy, baby blue, royal blue and other shades of blue are not necessarily considered a neutral color like black or white, it is a primary color that also gives you a wide variety of options. Some combinations, like with yellow or red, are definitely bold, but a navy blue mixed with gray, purple and green colors look really good. Naturally, just like black, darker blues can help you look the way you want.


Opposite to that of drawing less attention with darker shades, red essential shirts add flare to your outfit. Even when you are wearing a red layering shirt underneath a jacket, it can still draw eyes due to its bold texture. With July 4th and other summer festivities just around the corner, red is a great choice!

Light Pink

While it may not be the most flashy or bold, a light pink shirt is another great option. During the spring, a light pink cap sleeve shirt goes great with other pastels or festive colors. However, during other times of the year, a light pink layering shirt works great underneath a black blazer.

There are a lot of options when it comes to essential shirt colors, but these are just some of our favorite choices. To get your creative flow going while picking out some new outfits, check out our whole selection of clothes at

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