Online vs. In-Store Shopping

20 Mar 2019
In-store or online shopping, which one do you prefer? For some people, they love the thrill of going into a store and seeing items they want in-person. Other individuals try to avoid the stores as much as possible. It could be because shopping in stores takes too much time, or maybe because the stores can get crowded. With tons of online store options, you can easily do all the shopping you need to without ever leaving your home. Whether you are shopping for clothes, home accessories, appliances or even toys for your kids, you can find anything both online and in-stores. How you do your shopping is all a matter of preference.

At Heirloom Clothing, we know that not every woman has the time to go shopping for the things they need. This is why we have created both in-store and online shopping options so that you can shop for your favorite layering shirts anytime, anywhere. Here are a few benefits of both online and in-store shopping that women love.

Online Pros

One of the best benefits of shopping online is the convenience. You can quickly order everything that you need either for you or your family and have it shipped right to your house. Essentials like cap sleeve shirts, accessories, pants, shoes and jackets can all be found online. You can get clothes for the whole family without having to deal with crowded stores.

When shopping online, many brands offer free returns or in-store returns, so if the product you bought doesn’t fit right or isn’t quite what you wanted, you can easily return/exchange it. More and more stores are also offering free-shipping, making online shopping cheaper and more convenient than ever.

Another benefit to shopping online is you can get the best deals. Many clothing stores have special online-only discounts or will send coupons right to your email. Although some companies can clutter your inbox with emails, it's always a good idea to sign up for email lists so that stores can notify you of the best deals — how else will you know when your favorite layering shirts are on sale?

In-Store Pros

If shopping is one of your favorite past-times, then you probably love going into a store and looking at all the items. Even with all the online shopping options, in-store shopping will probably never go away because of how much people love shopping. You get to leave with your items right away, and if shopping for clothes, can try them on right in the store and not have to worry about making returns. It can be frustrating waiting a few days for that cap sleeve shirt you purchased online to arrive, all to find out it doesn’t fit right in the first place and you need a different size.

When you shop in a store, you also get the expertise of the clothing associates. Some stores offer free sizing or tailoring, something you won’t find when you order online. They can help you find the right sizes, as well as recommend certain items above others. Store associates aren’t just there to help you check out, they are trained to know how to help customers in any way possible.
Whether you enjoy shopping online, in-store or maybe even a combination of both, there’s a variety of different brands that offer all the products you could ever need. Whether you are searching for some new layering shirts to add to your closet or even a birthday gift for your best friend, there are lots of shopping options right at your fingertips. Visit Heirloom Clothing to check out our online selection of clothing, as well as find out where we are located so you can shop in-store!

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