Our American-Made Products

16 May 2019

Here at Heirloom, we are confident that our layering shirts are some of the highest quality products that you’ll find on the market, and the fact that we manufacture all of our clothes here in the United States is what makes our products what they are. If you’re wondering what makes U.S. products so great, don’t worry, we understand the benefits and will tell you why we take pride in our American made products.

To state clearly, when you look for a layering shirt, you want quality, fair pricing, and reliability — that’s exactly what you can get from homegrown products.

Reliable Quality Control


When you’re paying for overseas manufacturing, you don’t get to check up on the quality control that is happening, and when producing products at a large quantity, there are bound to be some errors during the process. For example, if a layering shirt has a loose thread, it may be overlooked due to the “cheap” price you’re paying for overseas products and services. Our American-made products go through a more strict and thorough quality control process, and this ensures that every layering shirt that we get to you is a product that you can rely on to not fall apart or get worn out quickly.

Quality Customer Service

One of the other benefits of our American-made products is that we also handle customer service so you won’t have to worry about drastic time differences and communication difficulties. When you are purchasing products from another country, sometimes there are barriers that make getting your order difficult. If there is an issue with a layering shirt size or condition, or if you just have questions, you can shoot us an email, give us a call, or come into our store and we’ll help you with anything you need.

Shorter Shipping Times, Higher Shipping Fees

When you order something overseas, you usually have to wait an extremely long time to receive it, and you also have to pay a higher shipping fee. We want your buying experience to be as painless as possible, so manufacturing our products here in the United States makes it so that you receive your orders quickly and for a lower shipping fee.

There are various benefits to American-made goods, and our products here at Heirloom will show you the quality, reliability and comfort that comes with our homegrown products. If you want to check out our products for yourself, head over to our full website and browse the wide selection of clothing that we have available.

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