Our Favorite Camisole

22 May 2019

Looking for a new favorite essential shirt? Our Basic Camisole Shirt is a perfect-fit layering shirt made to help women elevate their wardrobes. This camisole is our favorite because it is the perfect wardrobe staple, the material it is made with makes it extremely comfortable, it has a smooth neckline, and the color is long-lasting.

The Perfect Wardrobe Staple

Camisoles are an important layering shirt for every wardrobe. Wardrobe essentials are what they are because they are the starting point for any great outfit.  Good quality, clean basics make an outfit look more put together, and our camis help accomplish just that — they elevate outfits and make adding layers easier than ever. In addition, camis have lasting power, are smooth and are a great fit for a variety of styles and outfits. The fit is slimming and comfortable, which makes it a top choice that will constantly be used in any closet. Simple basics that are comfortable are hard to find, but here at Heirloom, they are offered in great variety and at great prices. This is why other women keep coming back to buy more of our camisoles.


This camisole is made of top-quality material. Each one is made with 90% high-grade cotton and 10% spandex. The shirt is soft and comfortable to wear for almost any activity. It is made with a stronger material and is able to keep from typical wear and tear. The shirt’s thickness and quality stitching allow them to stand the test of time and last longer than other brands, making them a constant favorite layering shirt. Not to mention, are you tired of undershirts riding up or constantly having to adjust your undershirt? Well worry no more, our layering shirts resolve this problem with a longer length that fit nicely so you won’t have to think about it throughout the day.

Smooth Neckline

The Heirloom Cami Shirt is the perfect layering shirt because it has a smooth neckline that makes it a comfortable and easy fit to layer under anything. The shirt is made with a tagless label, so there are no annoying tags rubbing against your back when you wear it. It’s these seemingly small and simple details that set apart our layering shirts; people realize quickly it quickly once they wear another brand’s essential shirt, and that’s why they come back to ours and claim them as their favorite.

Color Lasting

Do you have any camisoles that you’ve had for so long that the color starts to fade or yellow? Or do you have any camis that have shrunk and worn down from years of use? Here at Heirloom, we understand that camisoles are used constantly, that’s why we have developed our favorite layering shirts to last so that our customers' clothing stays looking nice for a longer time.

Coming in 17 long-lasting colors, our camisoles have become a wardrobe staple for us and many others. They help all kinds of women look put together with very little effort. If you are in need of a new camisole shirt, look no further than our Basic Camisole Shirts.

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