Our Favorite Camisole Colors

10 Jul 2019

We know that every woman loves to have different options, especially when it comes to clothing. This is why we made our camisole shirt in thirteen different colors for you to choose from! Below are a few of our absolute favorite colors and the different ways to wear them!

Tango Red

Just like the name implies, this camisole shirt is a bright red that just might make you want to move! Red carries a lot of energy and can be worn to fun and festive activities! For example, a red camisole shirt works for all the festive and patriotic activities. Wear it with your favorite pair of blue jeans or with a cute jean jacket to complete your look!

Purple Orchard Tint

This color is perfect if you love pastels like we do! Camisole shirts in this color have a soft pinkish-purple hue, making it a nice lightweight top for your summer wardrobe! If you are looking for ways to subtly add color to your outfit, this camisole shirt can help you do that!

Blue Turquoise

Our blue turquoise camisole shirt has the same look as a tiffany blue color. It is vibrant but light blue that isn’t too overbearing. This color on a camisole shirt works great when you wear it solo or pair it with another neutral clothing. If you are looking to add a pop of color to your outfit, this color does the job wonderfully.


For those individuals who are not big fans of plain white shirts, our cream option will still give you the light neutral look you need! It is slightly off-white and can blend well with most colors, especially darker ones. This color is great for wearing underneath tops with sheer fabric.

Antique Moss Green

Despite the name, this camisole shirt is more of a mustard-yellow color. This color is summer color but can also easily transition into your fall wardrobe. Because it is not a bright yellow, it can be worn with other colors or neutrals with ease.

Along with all of the fun colors, our camisole shirt also comes in the more common neutral colors as well. No matter the occasion, you can find the right color for your camisole shirt at Heirloom. If you can’t decide which color to get, we suggest getting a few! You can never go wrong with several camisole shirts, especially ones that are going to last. For our full selection, head over to our essential options, now!

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