Our Favorite Cap Sleeve Shirts

22 May 2019

One of the most common layering shirts or standalone tees is a cap sleeve, but when it comes to finding the right one, it can be difficult to find one that suits you. We can all agree that an essential shirt like a cap sleeve shirt should be worn without much concern in most situations. In addition, these kinds of shirts should fit you the way you like. With the cap sleeve shirts you find at Heirloom, you’ll find that our design and fit is appealing to the majority of all women, making it a favorite essential shirt for just about anyone.

Saying that we produce a favorite essential shirt for a wide range of women is a bold claim, but out of our near 300 Amazon reviews, over 200 of them have given our cap sleeve shirt a 5-star rating. In fact, one reviewer stated that while she “always thought that [she] didn’t like cap sleeves…the smooth shoulder makes this [her] new favorite T,” and exclaimed that it is “so comfortable!”

The praise that we receive from this one reviewer is not unique to just her but is quite common among many of the reviews. The descriptions that these Amazon reviewers contribute are exactly what sets us apart, and below are some of the same reasons a lot of women claim that our cap sleeve shirts are their favorite!

Comfortable and Strong Fabric

These cap sleeve shirts are made with 90% cotton and 10% spandex blend, giving you a tightly spun fabric that fits comfortably and allows more mobility. As others put it, “the fabric is perfect — not too thin, not too thick — and has just the right amount of stretch.” The product is made domestically and is not a cheap fabric. In other words, the quality is strong and will not fade after multiple washes.

Seamless Shoulders

As mentioned before, our cap sleeve shirts give the wearer a smooth feel around the shoulder. Many women that wear other cap sleeves will sometimes complain about the seams, but ours do not cause discomfort under the arms. It doesn’t bunch up and you will not need to pull down the sleeves.

Full Coverage

Whether it’s for your neckline or keeping the areas around your waist unexposed, our cap sleeves give you the coverage you need. Instead of constantly having to pull up the top of your shirt or tug down the bottom, these cap sleeves are not too high and not too low around the neck, and provide you a longer length at the torso. When you look through the images of our cap sleeve shirts online, you can find our recommended tips for how the shirt will fit you.

A lot of the women that buy these shirts love using them as their go-to layering shirt, but will also wear them on their own; with how light-weight and how not see-through they are, these are also great when worn by themselves — even during warmer weather. You may already have your own opinion on cap sleeves and how you wear them, but our shirts might just become your new favorite! To try them yourselves, order a couple today!

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