Our Favorite Color Combinations for Fall

15 Oct 2019

It’s finally fall! Time for autumn activities like hayrides, apple picking and bonfires with friends and family. No matter what activity it is, Heirloom has everything you need to update your fall wardrobe from ¾ sleeve shirts to comfy sweaters! With so many color options to choose from, you can get the exact look you want! We have some exciting color combinations that will transition your current wardrobe for the new chilly season.

Tango Red and Black

Black is always in style but in the fall, adding a bright pop of red can make any outfit stand out. Tango red reminds us of colorful leaves and delicious red apples, and always pairs well with black. You can also use these colors in your outfit to draw attention to specific pieces of clothing. Try wearing a Tango red ¾ sleeve shirt with a black jacket and jeans. Even though it’s not the outermost piece of clothing, the red will pop against the black creating a more interesting color combination. Another fun way to wear Tango red and black involves accessorizing. Throw on a black ¾ sleeve shirt and black pants to start. Now add red heels and a red scarf to create a clean and exciting look. Wearing all black creates a canvas to showcase the red accents in your outfit, making it stand out. 

Navy and Grey

Not every fall outfit needs warm colors. Navy and grey is a great option for anyone who wants a more subtle outfit that still contains colors. We love our navy ¾ sleeve shirt paired with a grey knit cardigan, jeans and booties. It’s an easy fall outfit that you can depend on for any casual outing! For something more suitable for the office, try a navy blazer with a grey top underneath. The navy will make the grey stand out and is a great alternative to the common black and white office suit. 

Cream and Moss

Our cream ¾ sleeve shirt paired with moss green pants are a great outfit choice for fall! The darker shades of green moss with the warmer white hues in cream compliment each other and add an earthy tone to your outfit. If you want to stand out, try a cream blazer with a black camisole shirt and moss tie waist pants. This color combo is perfect for casual outfits or work outfits and will fit right in with the season.

If you need to stock up on essentials for fall, check out our ¾ sleeve shirt. With 15 different color options, you can get exactly what you want and create a versatile wardrobe. Check out our website and grab your favorite fall colors today!

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