Our Favorite Layering Shirts

22 May 2019

Why limit yourself to one favorite when you can have several, right? Summer is just around the corner, and layering shirts are still a necessity! Let us help you find which layering shirt is right for you. Who knows, maybe you will come out with several favorites yourself!

Never mind the weather or climate, layering shirts are a must-have for every wardrobe during any season. With their versatility and functionally, they are the perfect accessory to every outfit. So how do you know which layering shirt is right for you? We have made it easy for you, here are our favorite ways to wear and style each of our different layering shirts!

Basic Tank Top: We absolutely adore our tank tops. It is the perfect shirt for those summer hikes, days at the pool, or layering under your favorite lightweight cardigan. It doesn’t matter how you choose to wear our tank tops, we are confident that it will become one of your go-to summer essentials!

Basic Camisole: Our camisoles are the perfect option for layering during the summer! While it’s important to stay cool in the heat, you can still throw on a cami to wear as a layering shirt and still stay cool. You can tuck them into any of your skirts or jeans, and they also go great with jackets, blouses, or even sundresses!

Basic Cap Sleeve: Easily one of our all-time favorites is the cap sleeve! Whether you are a professional woman in the work field or a stay at home mother, a cap sleeve shirt should be in your closet or drawers. You can wear them on their own or layer them with a cute top that you think you might take off at some point! With super lightweight material, it is perfect for your next summer night out! Snag one in one or several of our fourteen colors!

Basic Scoop Neck 1/2 Sleeve: Our scoop neck 1/2 sleeve is perfect for those wanting a little more coverage this summer without sacrificing style and function. Keep this layering shirt close by because it can be worn all year round with style and ease!

Basic V Neck 3/4 Sleeve: Similar to our scoop neck layering shirt, our 3/4 V neck is perfect for those of you who want a bit longer sleeves and a different neckline. You can wear this shirt by itself, accessorize with a scarf, or layered with something else. Any way you choose to style this shirt, we know it can surpass all expectations!

Basic Scoop Neck Long Sleeve: Our long sleeve shirt is the perfect shirt for those of you who want more coverage or protection. We love to wear our long sleeve layering shirt on those summer nights spent outside or when we are trying to avoid the sun!

No matter which layering shirt you choose, we know you will find one perfect for any and every situation! Whether you are planning your next tropical vacation or need to mix up your wardrobe, with six different styles and countless color options, there is a layering shirt made specifically for you!

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