Our Favorite Looks for Spring

02 May 2019

Spring is finally here! It is time to put your heavy sweaters and dark clothes away and get out your lighter, softer colors and fabrics. To help you put together your spring style, we’ve come up with a list of our own favorite looks for the spring season using our essential line of layering shirts and other fashion items here at Heirloom Clothing.

Bright Colors

Adding colors will change your outfits from drab to fab just like that. One of the best ways to add spring colors to your wardrobe is through colored bottoms. Switching out your blue denim for brighter colors adds an extra spring to your step in warmer temperatures. If you aren’t feeling bold enough to wear bright pants, stick to bright colored cap sleeve shirts or other bright layering shirts paired with denim and simple accessories.


Don’t get rid of all your neutral toned clothes just yet. Neutral colors still have a lot of power during springtime. Neutral colors from ivory and cream to white, grays and blacks look fresh no matter what time of year. Neutral colors are still trending this year. Wearing a neutral cap sleeve shirt with a light jacket and a skirt or light jeans looks amazing. Neutrals look fashionable and you can even add the occasional pop of color with your shoes, pants, jewelry or purse.

Floral & Dresses

Floral patterns are a telltale sign of spring. Many floral patterns come in flowy blouses that will need a layering shirt or cap sleeve shirt underneath to ensure an appropriate look.

Dresses are also a huge sign of the coming of spring. Spring’s light dresses are great for work, the weekend, or whatever you have going on during your busy day. Spaghetti strapped dresses look perfect with a cap sleeve shirt or 3/4 length sleeve shirt.

Embroidered Tops

Fashion has been leaning towards the boho style for a while now, and flowy tops with embroidery across the chest or sleeves are definitely fashionable. Embroidered tops are usually sheer fabric or light weight and can be worn with a cap sleeve shirt or another layering shirt. These boho style tops look great with colored jeans and sneakers or wedge shoes.

As the days get longer and warmer, you’ll want to start wearing your spring style clothes. Follow these tips of wearing bright colors, using your neutral clothes, wearing more florals and dresses, and even embroidered tops will help you look attractive all spring long. Check out our website for all the attractive spring color options you need!


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