Our Favorite Shirt Colors

10 Jul 2019

Do you pride yourself in having a colorful closet? The 2019 summer trends are filled with a bunch of beautiful and unique colors, something you should consider experimenting with! With a slight tan and the bright sun shining down on your clothes, bright colors are eye-catching! Whether you consistently wear blue, beige or whatever your favorite colors may be, there are quite a few new options to try. Aspen Gold, Living Coral, and Tango Red are some of our favorite colors for this season because they stand out and can add something to every outfit! 

Aspen Gold

There are a lot of colors and tops for women to choose from, but the first color we recommend is our aspen gold. This mix of yellow-gold is beautiful, light and breezy. We love this color for the summer because it can be worn with jeans or a trendy jean jacket! Speaking of trending, this color trends well each summer! Its bright color has a glow that can make you happier overall! An essential shirt in this color is perfect as an undershirt or standalone shirt. 

Living Coral 

Coral is a unique color that is not worn a lot. This makes it an excellent choice for long walks on the beach or boating this summer. The color makes eyes pop and can really frame faces. This is another trending color this summer. Out of all of the different colored tops for women, this one is an excellent and easy one to combine with your favorite sandals and summer accessories. Whether you pack it in your bag for a short summer trip or pull it from for an instant staycation, this color works for just about any summer occasion.

Tango Red 

Studies show that red makes women appear more attractive, but red isn’t just a flattering color, it also carries good energy! Red is a color of confidence and power, which is why it is one of our top color choices out of all of the tops for women! Our tango red color is a beautiful tone of red. We recommend using it on the Fourth of July with a jean skirt for an All-American feeling! While some red shirts are known for not being the most flattering for some body types, our tops have a feminine cut that makes them look good on all body types.

At Heirloom, we make sure that our clothing is made of the highest quality, this includes beautiful colors like aspen gold, living coral and tango red. When it comes to tops for women, our customers come back again and again because they find that their Heirloom shirts have become staples in their closets. 

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