Our Favorite Tank Top Colors for Summer

10 Jul 2019

As summer rolls around, it’s important to know how to properly dress to both beat the heat and dress for the season in terms of style. Even if you’re trying to stay cool in the extreme temperatures that summer brings, you can still manage to dress comfortably and fashionably — there’s no need to throw style out the window.

The best way to keep cool and still stay on top of the current trends is by looking into the women’s tank tops that we offer here at Heirloom. Tank tops for women should be breathable, fashionable and provide coverage, and that’s what our tanks offer! Our tanks give you the look and comfort you want in the summer. However, the color you decide to go with will achieve different looks! Here are some of our favorite colors when it comes to tank tops.

Tango Red

Red may sound like a color you would only see on either Valentine’s Day or Christmas, but it is a vibrant color that just screams summer! The bright and fun color brings a sense of excitement and energy to your outfit. Pairing a red tank top with a pair of black or denim jeans, skirt or shorts is the best way to put together the perfect summer outfit.

Yellow Aspen Gold

Another bright color that encompasses the true feel of summer is yellow! People feel that yellow is a natural mood booster, and while the color is vibrant, it also looks great with denim jeans. Our yellow aspen gold tank top is the best shade of yellow you can get, helping your outfit stand out.

Blue Turquoise

Turquoise is another great summer color, and if you’re looking for a cooler alternative to wearing yellow and red, you can’t go wrong with this color. Tank tops for women in the summer usually come in brighter colors (as mentioned above), but cooler colors like blue can balance out those bright colors. There is nothing wrong will wearing a cooler color to the gym or under a jacket layered on top.


Being a color that can keep you cooler throughout the day, white is a classic summer color. Naturally, white is the polar opposite of black and acts differently entirely. White tank tops go great with virtually any color bottoms, so you don’t have to worry too much about matching.

When it comes to tank tops for women in the summer, they are must-have options in any wardrobe. By knowing and finding the right tank top color will help you stay on top of the summer fashion trends and stay cool. Check out our selection of women’s tank tops to find your next best summer color!

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