Our Favorite Women’s Essential Shirts

14 Aug 2019

Our mission is to make tops for women that are fashionable and comfortable. That is why we have designed essential tops for women in the best way possible. To ensure the quality of our shirts are where they should be, we put our fabric to the test to see how well they endure the wear-and-tear of everyday life. The cap sleeves, camisoles and tank tops that we sell are everything we want them to be. They have all of our favorite aspects an essential shirt should have in the summer.

Cap Sleeve Shirt

Our cap sleeve shirt is designed to be worn as a shirt on its own or as a layering shirt. We love its versatile because it allows our buyers the ability to try a variety of outfit combinations. It is designed to have a smooth neckline so that it can be comfortably worn under anything. The shirt comes in a variety of fashionable colors. These colors are long-lasting and allow our customers to match their undershirts with anything in their closets. Our customers love the length of our shirts because they are made to fit better and allow more movement throughout the day.

Camisole Shirt

This essential shirt is a go-to item because of its lightweight design and its comfortable cotton-spandex mixed fabric. With a soft stretch in the material, it makes it easy to fit multiple body types.  The fabric holds you in but doesn’t bind, making the shirt flattering to all figures. Out of all of the tops for women, a camisole shirt is a great accompanying option for layering. Additionally, these camisole shirts are an excellent option during the summer. They end up being worn so much that we don’t even realize they are the backbone of our closet. 

Tank Top

When it comes to exercise and athletics, we love providing our essential tank tops. Just like the cap sleeve and camisole shirt, our tanks are a great standalone option. The smooth seams make them comfortable from shoulder to hip. They have a light fabric, yet provide a lot of coverage. As with all our essential tops for women, there are many colors to choose from. Not to mention, its tag-less design, rounded neckline, and the soft-stretch material. 

To reiterate our point, our cap sleeves, camis and tanks are our favorite tops for women to wear when it comes to essential shirts, especially in the summer. We craft them specifically for women. There really aren’t many other essential shirts like ours, that’s why our customers keep coming back. To get yours today, check out our catalog online today!

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