Preparing for Autumn by Purchasing Long Sleeve Shirts Now

05 Sep 2019

Summer is officially on its last leg, and autumn is right around the corner! With the change of season comes more colors but cooler temperatures. To offset the slight drop in degrees, changing up your wardrobe is a must! Pastels, short shorts and tees, and maybe even some of your summer sandals will have to be replaced with boots, flannels, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and all fall colors!

More than anything, while specific colors and trends shift towards appropriate fall fashion, what you wear to stay comfortable will need to change too. Of all the changes made between summer and fall, the difference in temperature is one of the biggest!

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, you can wear long sleeve shirts at any time; however, once fall and winter come around, long sleeves become a vital necessity. Even during late summer nights, the temperatures can drop into the 60s, forcing everyone to throw on something a little warmer. That is part of the reason to start looking for long sleeve shirts today!

Wearing a coat right now would be too much, and caring a jacket around can be a hassle, but if you have a long sleeve, you will feel comfortable. You may not need to worry too much about the coolness in the air during the summer nights if you know you’ll be indoors, but purchasing a couple long sleeve shirts now is going to be a wise choice. While you could wait to wear your new long sleeves, there is no problem with wearing them now during these summer nights.

Once the colder weather sets in and the hanging racks at retail stores are switched out, the prices will rise! Yes, there may be more options to choose from, but there might not be as many good deals. If you seize the opportunity to purchase long sleeves shirts now, you can get your hands on some great finds before the prices jump!

Lastly, you may be excited to pull out some of your favorites from last year, but sometimes it’s difficult to find everything you used, and other times, you may not love an old outfit like you once did. Instead, find a couple new long-sleeve shirts that you are excited about! It will make the transition to fall much easier! 

To get started on your autumn wardrobe, check out the essential long sleeve shirts we have at Heirloom! Our long sleeve essentials will put you on the right path as you prepare for fall.

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