Reasons to Choose a Long Sleeve Shirt

14 Aug 2019

Our aim at Heirloom Clothing is to provide women with the essential shirts they need to feel their best, and whether you love the style of Rosie Huntington Whitely or the Royal family, we want you to feel fashionable in whatever you wear. Our essential shirts are the best way to upgrade your closet and elevate it to the level of these women. 

Mix Silhouettes

Mixing the silhouettes of your outfits is an excellent way to bring the focus on other parts of your body. If you are looking to highlight your legs or waist, wear a long sleeve shirt instead of a 3/4 length or short sleeve. This will draw the eye to whatever part you want. To highlight your waist, wear a belt to highlight it; if you want the focus to be on your legs, wear heels that match the color of your pants to elongate them. 

Another benefit to mixing silhouettes is it looks very chic and stylish. Celebrities and style icons alike mix silhouettes to create unique looks that have not been done before. Turn your summer wardrobe around by switching your tanks out for long sleeve shirts. Pick a light fabric and color, and enjoy the sun. Mixing shorts with a white long sleeve shirt can transform your looks. Bail on the classic tank-top-and-shorts look this summer and try something unique. Not too many people will try this, but remember that long sleeve shirt will help you to avoid sun damage, a big plus for those with fair skin! 

General Long Sleeve Benefits

A long sleeve shirt is an attractive choice that gives you a lot of benefits! Long sleeve shirts provide better coverage, highlight your arms, keep you cozy, and work as layering shirts or on their own. Whether you are wearing a red floral long sleeve undershirt or need a swimsuit cover, a long sleeve is excellent because they are comfortable and give you more coverage than any other shirt. 

Different Occasions that Call for a Long Sleeve Shirt

It is not only during winter that you should wear a long sleeve shirt, but anytime. Long sleeves are a great choice for things like early morning runs or rainy days. You can also consider a long sleeve when you go camping, boating or on a road trip! Sometimes short sleeves and tank tops just don’t cut it for certain activities, especially when the sun isn’t out.

To learn more about our long sleeve shirts, check out our catalog and full blog today! 

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