Should You Wear a Layering Shirt in the Summer?

25 Apr 2019
Summer is only a few months away, and you are probably eager to pack up your winter clothes for the season and pull out your shorts and sandals. It can get pretty hot in the summer, especially if you live in a warm climate. Most women prefer to wear light clothing in the summer and avoid layering to stay cool and comfortable. However, depending on your outfit, you might have to wear a shirt underneath certain tops. Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t pack your layering shirts up with the rest of your winter clothing.

See-Through Clothing

Since a lot of summer clothes are made to be light and thin, you are going to run into more see-through clothing. A simple camisole or cap sleeve shirt in a tan or white color will be perfect underneath sheer blouses and dresses, and the light color won’t absorb too much heat. If you can, avoid wearing dark colors of any type during the summer, but especially layering shirts. The combination of too many layers and dark colors will leave you feeling uncomfortably hot.

Lightweight Jackets and Top Layers

Even though it’s summer, there’s still a lot of trendy light jackets and top layers that you will want to wear. A thin kimono type layer over a classic white essential shirt is a great way to incorporate layers into your summer look. In addition, there might be a few cooler days or nights where you will need a light, everyday jacket. Bomber and cargo style jackets look great during the summer months and will provide you with the right amount of warmth on cooler days.

Light and Comfortable

As we mentioned, a camisole, tank or cap sleeve are going to be the best layering shirt options for the summer. These shirts have the shortest sleeves, so you won’t feel like there is too much fabric bunching around your shoulders. Our essential shirts are made with soft fabric that are thin enough to keep you cool but thick enough so they aren’t see-through, and won’t wear out easily.
Essential shirts don’t just have to be used to layer with. You can wear your favorite layering shirt by itself with a pair of shorts or a flowy skirt and wedges for an adorable outfit. On hot days, you will love being able to wear your comfy tank without a blouse or jacket over top. You can even wear an essential shirt over your swimsuit if you are headed to the pool.

There are lots of ways to incorporate layering shirts into your favorite summer outfits, so don’t hesitate to throw one on once in a while. Essential shirts come in a variety of different colors as well, so you are sure to find some classic and bright summer colors to wear. For more summer fashion tips and looks, head over to Heirloom Clothing's online site to browse our selection of essential shirts and fashion pieces.

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