Tailoring and Finding the Right Fit

20, Jun, 19

There are a lot of different tips and tricks for finding the right fit, and we recently wrote another blog about all the tops for women to choose from and how to find the right fit. Whether it’s a basic t-shirt, camisole, tank, cap sleeve, ½ sleeve, quarter sleeve or long sleeve, the shirts fit differently. This is why we have fit tips on each individual product page to assist you. For example, our cap sleeve shirts are designed with the snuggest fit; the purpose of this design is so that the shirt is perfect for layering. For additional tips, keep reading.

Fitting Tips for All Clothing 

Finding the right fit can seem impossible in the age of online shopping because items sometimes arrive in different sizes than you initially anticipated. However, you can know what to expect with the clothing that is ordered through our website. When you find the right fit, it adds so much more value to your purchases. Clothing that fits correctly takes us back to the times of designers like Christian Dior who began as an in-house designer, tailoring his clothing to perfectly fit each individual. What is the purpose of clothing if it is not fitting comfortably? This is why we have a fit guide.

How Do I Know if My Clothes Fit Right? 

To know if your clothes fit properly, you will want to ask yourself, are you comfortable in your clothing? If your clothing restricts your movement, it may not be the right fit for you. For example, if you can’t raise your arms in your blazer, it may be time to visit a tailor or buy a new one. If you feel that you can never find the right size for you, then buy the size that feels a little too big and then take it to a tailor. There are certain fashion bloggers and experts who buy all of their jeans for 15 dollars at less expensive stores then take them to be tailored to their bodies.  This method gives the buyer a cheaper cost but requires a lot of work. Although typical tops for women don’t need to be tailored, we recommend it for other unique situations.

There are other signs that your clothes aren’t fitting. If you see any of the following below, then you might have a fitting issue:   

  • Buttons come undone
  • Clothing bunches up 
  • Your inner seam is higher than your outer seam
  • Clothing rides up when you sit or stand up
  • You always need a belt

Taking pieces you have already bought that are too big to the tailor is a great way to transform clothing that you once loved. We recommend doing this for the clothing that doesn’t fit right. Another option if your clothing rides up or bothers you is to throw on one of our layering shirts under your clothing. This will help you be more comfortable because you will know that you are covered! 

Whether you are looking to upgrade your closet with new pieces or modify those you already own, it all comes back to how the clothes fit. At Heirloom, we want you to feel and look your best. While a lot of the tops for women come in all kinds of sizes, ours are resilient and can fit all kinds of body types. Taking your clothes to a tailor can be a lot of work, so when you go to buy a new shirt, be sure to find one that fits the way you want it!


Why You Need a Long Sleeve Undershirt

20, Jun, 19

During the winter season, there is no end to why a long sleeve shirt used as an undershirt is a good idea but using one for the summer is entirely different. A long sleeve shirt layered under other tops in freezing weather is a no brainer, but doing so in the heat might be too much. However, the sole purpose of using a long sleeve undershirt in the summer should not be for keeping someone warm, rather a variety of other reasons for different circumstances.

Exercising with Long Sleeves

Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, hear this out. When anyone goes to workout, the purpose is to burn calories and get in better shape, and a long sleeve shirt helps fulfill that purpose. You may have seen a few people wearing hoodies or sweats to a gym and thought they are crazy, but in reality, they are simply trying to speed up their calorie burning process. Using a comfortable long sleeve shirt under an exercise top is a good idea for those who are really looking to burn a lot of calories. Now, if you try this, be sure to stay hydrated (especially if you are working out outside) as it will be easier to overheat.


Whether it is a long road trip or a long flight, a long sleeve shirt should always be an option. In both situations, air conditioning is going to be cranked up on high and it will likely get a little chilly. More often than a road trip, flight cabins are notoriously cold for multiple reasons. While airlines offer in-flight blankets, having a jacket with a long sleeve underneath might be more comfortable.

Too Much Sun

Okay, the use of a long sleeve here may not necessarily be as an undershirt, but there is another use for long sleeve undershirts that people may not initially think of during the summer. If you have sensitive or light skin, you may want to consider using a long sleeve to protect your skin from too much sun. In this case, your long sleeve shirt would be used as an over-shirt or coverup used when you go swimming, hiking or gardening for half of the day. Each of these activities involves you staying under the sun for long hours, and sometimes sunscreen just doesn’t cut it. After an hour or two, it is wise to throw on a long sleeve and endure the heat! While the long sleeve would likely be worn over whatever you have on in these situations, a long sleeve shirt, ones that are usually used as an undershirt, will still work great!

The ideas above may be unique, but they are not unconventional. Your long sleeve undershirts can be used for a wide variety of purposes outside of warming yourself up throughout cold winters. If you are in need of a few more long sleeve shirts, check out the selection we offer you, today!



Accessories and Clothing to Wear With a Camisole Shirt

20, Jun, 19

The accessory and clothing options you can wear with a camisole shirt are endless. At Heirloom, we want to share these endless possibilities with you. Below are accessories and clothing options for you that you can wear with one of our amazing camisole shirts.


Whether they be big or small, a necklace is a great accessory to camisole shirts. Its smooth neckline offers extra coverage, making it the perfect canvas for your favorite necklace. Choose from a group of dainty necklaces or a larger and more intricate necklace to top off your outfit.


Cardigans are a wonderful addition during any season. In the summer you can pair your favorite camisole shirt with a light cardigan to keep the sun off of you or to warm on those cool nights. On the flip side, our camisoles make the perfect base layer for a more hefty cardigan that will keep you warm in the middle of winter. Either way, cardigans pair perfectly with our camisole shirts.


If you think you can only wear scarfs in the winter, think again. One of our favorite summer accessories this summer is a silk scarf. They add a pop of color or pattern to any outfit. If you are trying to spice up your outfit, try pairing your camisole shirt with a fun silk scarf to spice up your outfit!

Patterned Pants

If you are looking for ways to change up your outfit, you came to the right place. Patterned pants can add a whole new dimension to your look. If you are one to wear more basic shirts, try wearing pants with a fun pattern to switch things up a little.

Jean Jackets

Jean jackets are a must-have option for every wardrobe, and a camisole shirt is a perfect complementary piece. When you pair a camisole shirt under your favorite jean jacket, it is not only nice for how light it is, but it also gives your outfit the additional color it needs!

A Sheer Top

Wearing a sheer shirt is always fun, and a camisole underneath is all the coverage you need. A cami used under a sheer shirt is slimming; there is usually no extra bulk added to the sheer shirt with a camisole. We know you’ll love wearing your sheer shirt with one of our camisoles!

There are so many different ways to wear our camisole shirts and so many different accessories you can pair them with. Make sure your summer wardrobe complete with a handful of different camisoles! No matter how you choose to wear your camisole, take a look at ours to find the most comfortable camisole you’ll find!


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