Why You Should Stock Up on Long Sleeve Shirts for Fall and Winter Now

06, Sep, 19

As is the case every year, once summer is over, things only get colder. However, fall and winter do not have to be miserable! In fact, there is so much beauty and fun to be had during these seasons! People’s attitudes are deeply connected with their emotions, and when we are uncomfortable, we may not be as happy. With the shift in seasons, if we aren’t prepared, we may find ourselves uncomfortable and unhappy all due to the changing temperature outside.

One of the best ways to stay happy and confident is by making sure you have clothes that will help you feel comfortable! Filling your wardrobe with long sleeve shirts, sweaters, scarfs and other cold-weather apparel can make all the difference for you during the fall and winter. While some women love trying different summer-wardrobe combinations, there can be equal excitement for fall and winter outfits!

Creating Mental Images

Perhaps you can see yourself in some cute jeans, warm boots, cozy gloves, and a throwback sweater with a long sleeve underneath and a scarf wrapped around your neck; or maybe, you see yourself cuddled up in a blanket next to an indoor fire in a boyfriend-sized hoodie! Whatever the look is, visualizing yourself in warm outfits will help you mentally prepare for the cold! Now, creating mental images is not the only way to start preparing for the upcoming fall and winter weather, you can go out and start making purchases early!

Stocking Up Now

The earlier you start shopping for long sleeve shirts and other colder weather clothing, the better. Stocking up now isn’t a good idea just because the prices might rise as the temperature drops, but for two other reasons! The first reason being, by adding long sleeve shirts into your wardrobe now, you’ll be prepared for some of those random, earlier-than-usual cold days. Additionally, you will start getting a better idea of what kind of outfit combinations might be good for you as the seasons change.


The cold is on its way, but you can be prepared! You may not need to start pulling out your coat or start shopping for new jackets, but don’t wait to start looking for long sleeve shirts. Some mornings and evenings even call for a long sleeve shirt right now! The earlier you prepare for the cold, the more comfortable you will be throughout fall and winter!


Why You Should Try a ¾ Sleeve Shirt

06, Sep, 19

Layering shirts are an essential clothing item that can be worn at any time of the year. With the various options of shirts ranging from cap sleeves to long sleeve shirts, there is another style that you might wear too frequently — ¾ sleeve shirts! From helping you achieve the perfect temperature during any season to expanding your styling options, ¾ sleeve shirts are a must when it comes to your wardrobe. Here are some reasons you should try a ¾ sleeve shirt if you haven’t already.

The Perfect Length

When it comes to ¾ sleeve shirts, you’ll benefit from their coverage on low cut tops, as well as their partial arm coverage! When a long sleeve is too much, but a basic tee or half sleeve is too little, ¾ sleeves are a perfect in-between piece! They give you the ability to cover most of your arms without having the sleeves get in the way while performing everyday tasks. The ¾ sleeves also allow you to benefit from “temperature control” in a way. The sleeves are long enough to keep you warm while also leaving open space around your forearm and wrist area, helping you to stay cooler on hot summer days.

Styling Options

The ¾ sleeve shirts that we offer at Heirloom also have the most relaxed fit of any of our other essential shirts. This makes it possible to wear the ¾ sleeve shirt under cardigans or jackets, as well as a standalone shirt. Additionally, your accessories will be highlighted even more in a ¾ sleeve shirt!

During autumn, you might want to wear long-sleeve shirts to stay warm, but you may have to sacrifice accessories like bracelets and watches. However, with a ¾ sleeve shirt, you can beat the chill while still being able to showcase your favorite accessories without having to roll up your sleeves!

In the summer, you’ll be able to shield yourself from the sun without having to completely cover your arms, something that you wouldn’t be able to achieve with a long sleeve shirt. Those three to six-inches can truly help you feel a lot more comfortable on a hot day!

When it call comes down to it, ¾ sleeve shirts are comfortable, versatile and allow for a variety of chic outfit combinations. Check out our ¾ sleeve options heirloomclothing.com today!


Preparing for Autumn by Purchasing Long Sleeve Shirts Now

05, Sep, 19

Summer is officially on its last leg, and autumn is right around the corner! With the change of season comes more colors but cooler temperatures. To offset the slight drop in degrees, changing up your wardrobe is a must! Pastels, short shorts and tees, and maybe even some of your summer sandals will have to be replaced with boots, flannels, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and all fall colors!

More than anything, while specific colors and trends shift towards appropriate fall fashion, what you wear to stay comfortable will need to change too. Of all the changes made between summer and fall, the difference in temperature is one of the biggest!

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, you can wear long sleeve shirts at any time; however, once fall and winter come around, long sleeves become a vital necessity. Even during late summer nights, the temperatures can drop into the 60s, forcing everyone to throw on something a little warmer. That is part of the reason to start looking for long sleeve shirts today!

Wearing a coat right now would be too much, and caring a jacket around can be a hassle, but if you have a long sleeve, you will feel comfortable. You may not need to worry too much about the coolness in the air during the summer nights if you know you’ll be indoors, but purchasing a couple long sleeve shirts now is going to be a wise choice. While you could wait to wear your new long sleeves, there is no problem with wearing them now during these summer nights.

Once the colder weather sets in and the hanging racks at retail stores are switched out, the prices will rise! Yes, there may be more options to choose from, but there might not be as many good deals. If you seize the opportunity to purchase long sleeves shirts now, you can get your hands on some great finds before the prices jump!

Lastly, you may be excited to pull out some of your favorites from last year, but sometimes it’s difficult to find everything you used, and other times, you may not love an old outfit like you once did. Instead, find a couple new long-sleeve shirts that you are excited about! It will make the transition to fall much easier! 

To get started on your autumn wardrobe, check out the essential long sleeve shirts we have at Heirloom! Our long sleeve essentials will put you on the right path as you prepare for fall.


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