How to Wash and Dry Your Essential Shirt

19, Apr, 19

Laundry can often be a frustrating task. It is time-consuming and there is a lot that can go wrong. For a lot of us, laundry is one of those chores we learned how to do from our parents, a roommate, a significant other, or whoever else, but then we stop asking questions. Beyond sorting lights from darks, each of your clothes should be washed in a certain way. Odds are, we don’t spend the time needed to figure out exactly how each item of our clothes should be washed, but in order to make sure your favorite items “hold up in the wash,” we should definitely be paying attention to the proper way to wash and dry your clothes.

Here at Heirloom Clothing, we want to help you preserve the quality and life of your essential shirts for as long as possible. So keep reading to find out our tips and tricks to washing and drying your layering shirts.

5 Big Mistakes You’re Making That Are Destroying Your Clothes

Let’s start off with some of the most common mistakes you might be making, then we’ll go into how to fix them!  

Over-washing your clothes.
Using your dryer too much.
Not reading the tag, or simply ignoring them.
Washing all your clothes the same way.
Treating all stains the exact same way.

These might sound familiar, but that is ok, these mistakes can be fixed easily. It might take more time and work, but in the end, it will be worth it to have your pants, long sleeve shirts, skirts and layering shirts looking fresh, saving you money along the way.

5 Tips to Washing Your Heirloom Shirts

No matter whether you have long sleeve shirts, cap sleeve shirts, tanks, or camisoles, our fabric is one unique blend, making it easy to wash all your essential shirts the same way.

Tip #1: Do not wash your layering shirt unless it is dirty. People often over wash their clothes, thinking that if they have worn it once that it is dirty. Unless you spill on it, sweat in it, or it smells bad, don’t wash it every single time you wear it.

Tip #2: When you do wash your essential shirts, make sure to machine wash on cold! Most people have the misconception that the water in your washer has to be really hot to actually clean your clothes, but that just isn’t true and can cause your shirts to unravel, fade, shrink up, or wear down the fabric.

Tip #3: Dryers are really hard on clothes. Towels, sheets, socks, underwear, casual t-shirts and pajamas can and should be dried in the dryer, but most of everything else should either be hung to dry, laid flat to dry, or tumbled in the dryer on low. We know this seems tedious and time-consuming, but your Heirloom shirts will stay looking fresh and won’t shrink or fade as fast as they will if you dry them every time you wash them.

Tip #4: Make sure to pay attention to the tags on your clothing. They tell you how to best wash that item in order to keep it in the best condition possible. Here at Heirloom, our essential line of layering shirts tell you that our shirts are 90% cotton and 10% spandex. The tag then outlines that you need to machine wash on cold and tumble dry on low or lay flat to dry. Use non-chlorine bleach to keep your shirt’s quality.

Tip #5: There are all different kinds of stains you might have to deal with: grease or oil stains, sweat stains, makeup stains, tomato-based foods, or other spills. These different stains should not all be treated the same way. You can find specific tricks to removing stains from your layering shirt on our other blog post “How to Remove Stains from Your Shirt.”

We hope this will help you persevere your favorite essential shirts for years to come. For all your questions and more clothing tips and suggestions, check out the rest of our website!


Choosing the Right Style of Shirt

19, Apr, 19

Something as simple as a shirt can decide what kind of outfit you’re going to wear on any given day. While your choice in bottoms, shoes and accessories have a lot to do with what your outfit is saying, your choice between layering or wearing a standalone cap sleeve shirt is going to determine whether your outfit is classy, casual or sporty. So, when it comes to choosing a style of shirt that works best for your specific style and taste, make sure that you take a step back to really think about your options.

In this blog, we’re going to go over a few different styles and how you can wear each one — let’s get started!

Cap Sleeve Shirts

This style of shirt is perhaps the most common, and for good reason. Cap sleeve shirts can be worn on their own or as a layering shirt under sweaters and jackets. Cap sleeves are the most common type of shirt because they’re comfortable and look great!

Tank Tops

Tank tops are oftentimes used strictly as layering shirts but can also be used as exercise tops. Tank tops offer thicker straps than camisoles but still don’t feel heavy around the shoulders. If you are looking to exercise, or if you need a good layering shirt, a tank is the way to go!


Camis are your basic sleeveless top with very thin straps. While there are various different ways to wear a cami, the most common way it is worn is by using it as a layering shirt underneath low-cut tops. Camisoles are extremely thin and are also great to layer, especially on warmer days.

Long Sleeve Shirts

Long sleeve shirts are a popular layering shirt in the winter, being used underneath vests, coats, cardigans and more. However, long sleeves also look great when they are worn casually on their own. No matter the season, long sleeve shirts are an essential closet item that all women should own.

Three-Quarter Sleeves

A three-quarter sleeve is that happy medium between a long sleeve shirt and a half sleeve shirt. This shirt is best used for casual outfits, as well as comfortable ones. They work well with jeans, sweat pants and leggings.

Half Sleeve Shirts

Half sleeve shirts are a great option if you’re looking for more arm coverage than a cap sleeve shirt but don’t want to sacrifice comfort on hot days. This shirt can also be worn underneath a light jacket or blazer, but are also great when worn as a standalone shirt.

There are a variety of ways to wear each of these different essential shirts, but it ultimately comes down to preference. If you’re looking to find the perfect shirt for you, check out our selection on our online store, today!


Must Have Essential Shirt Colors

18, Apr, 19

What are you wearing right now?… Really!! What color patterns do you have? Are there any layers to your outfit? Are you wearing a versatile go-to piece that you wear with everything? Why did you choose what you did? These are just a few questions to draw your attention to your outfit. If you did not notice, there is some kind of thought-process, conscious or unconscious, that directed you to match your outfit the way you did. Whether or not you are the type of person that deeply considers each article of clothing that you wear, there are certain colors and pieces that are key in making an outfit work.

To briefly expand on this thought, the color of the shirt or pants you wear will directly affect what else you wear with it… obvious, right? Further, a good number of your outfits probably require a certain type of essential shirt to supplement your outfit. This is why it’s important to have a few different color options for your multi-purpose tanks, cap sleeve shirts and other layering shirts. If you are curious to know the several different colors that we think you have to include in your collection of essential shirts, take a look below.


The first and most common essential shirt color for anyone is white! As a layering shirt, white gives your outfit a wonderful contrast with any other color, light or dark. They work great under sheer shirts and as a cover for low-cut tops and bottoms.


Similar to white, black also goes well with just about everything, light or dark. However, opposite from that of a white cap sleeve shirt or another essential shirt, a black shirt draws less attention. If you are looking to hide some curves or lines, black is the perfect option.


While navy, baby blue, royal blue and other shades of blue are not necessarily considered a neutral color like black or white, it is a primary color that also gives you a wide variety of options. Some combinations, like with yellow or red, are definitely bold, but a navy blue mixed with gray, purple and green colors look really good. Naturally, just like black, darker blues can help you look the way you want.


Opposite to that of drawing less attention with darker shades, red essential shirts add flare to your outfit. Even when you are wearing a red layering shirt underneath a jacket, it can still draw eyes due to its bold texture. With July 4th and other summer festivities just around the corner, red is a great choice!

Light Pink

While it may not be the most flashy or bold, a light pink shirt is another great option. During the spring, a light pink cap sleeve shirt goes great with other pastels or festive colors. However, during other times of the year, a light pink layering shirt works great underneath a black blazer.

There are a lot of options when it comes to essential shirt colors, but these are just some of our favorite choices. To get your creative flow going while picking out some new outfits, check out our whole selection of clothes at heirloomclothing.com.


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