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23, May, 20

It's time to bust out your best black outfit, slather on your black lipstick, nail polish and eyeliner, wipe the dust from the cassette tapes stashed under your bed, dim the lights and prepare to sway to the sounds of The Cure.  Why?  May 22 is World Goth Day!  

Perhaps you don't consider yourself to be Goth.  Maybe black isn't your color, or you think that vampires are creepy, not romantic.  You'd rather listen to the Jonas Brothers instead of The Sisters of Mercy?  No big deal!  You don't have to be Goth to celebrate the Gothic!

Imagine what our world be would be like without Gothic architecture and literature? Think of beautiful Gothic cathedrals such as Notre Dame and Westminster Abbey with their pointed arches, spires, stained glass windows and intriguing gargoyles. Consider literature classics like Jane Eyre, Frankenstein and Dracula.  Not to mention musicals like Phantom of the Opera and Jekyll & Hyde.

Today is a day to celebrate the awesomeness of the Goth all around us.  Take some time to look around at all of the fascinating details and intricate designs inspired by the Gothic period. Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Valentino, Prada, and many other designers have had models strut down the runway wearing beautiful gothic-inspired looks.

Use World Goth Day as an opportunity to find the magic and beauty in gothic style  There is so much more to the being "Goth" than loving black and having an obsession with the macabre. Take a moment to learn about what inspired this subculture that is so often misunderstood.  You'll have a whole new appreciation for such a subculture that is so often misunderstood.  Who may decide you're into Goth after all.  

Wear a little black to celebrate World Goth Day!  Heirloom's shirts are perfect for embracing your inner or outer Goth!  Every style in our Basic Collection contains the Goth  Once you put on that black Heirloom shirt, you may just want to add some black lipstick and nail polish!  Don't hold back because today is about celebrating who you are and what makes you unique!  After all, wouldn't the world be awfully boring if everyone was exactly the same?  


Using a Layering Tee to Keep You Warm

12, Nov, 19

The colder weather has crept up again. But if there’s one thing we love about this time of year, its the chance to pair layers! This fall season, you can let your creativity shine with our cozy selection of layering tees.

Sometimes its nice to be able to stay warm without having to lug a bulky jacket around. Maybe your work office is a just few degrees too chilly. Or maybe you need something quick in order to run that list of errands or in order to tackle the day’s workout routine.

The new items in our selection can be mixed and matched with each other or with shirts you already own to create outfits that feel both cozy and sleek.

Or maybe this all sounds great, but you aren’t quite sure what to pair with what. Don’t sweat it! Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind when using our layering tees.

  • Solids with patterns. This is a simple way to layer. Choose your favorite patterned shirt and then find one of a solid color that matches one of the colors within the pattern. This will provide a nice contrast.
  • Jacket or vest. You can layer a simple shirt with a light jacket or vest to quickly add variety to a simple outfit. This also works for button-up shirts, cardigans, or wraps. Just be sure to pair longer, more flowy jackets and cardigans with fitted style bottoms for a good contrast.
  • Dresses and skirts. Another way to keep warm with our layered tees is to wear them with a favorite skirt or to even wear them under that summer dress you’ve been missing. If you keep the colors of the tee neutral, it can easily be worn with a variety of different dressy outfits.

No matter what your style, don’t think the drop in temperature means a drop in style selections. We hope you have fun this season adding that extra layering touch to your outfits!



Our Favorite 3/4 Sleeve Pairings

12, Nov, 19

The most important feature of any busy woman's wardrobe is versatility. You want to purchase clothing that can be paired with lots of different pieces and can be worn for many different occasions. At Heirloom Clothing, we have all the essentials you need to create a useful and chic wardrobe. One of our favorite versatile tops is our ¾ sleeve shirt. In today’s blog, we are going to share some of our favorite style pairings for this everyday essential.


If you want a more casual look, a ¾ sleeve shirt is the perfect starting point. This can be styled with any of your casual wear and makes any outfit look put together. We love pairing a ¾ sleeve with a pair of straight or skinny jeans and accessorizing with a fun patterned scarf, Panama hat, and brown or black booties. This look is great for a casual dinner with friends or just cruising around town. This look can be put together quickly and with little effort on your part allowing you to feel your best wherever you go!


Every boss lady needs the go-to essentials that she knows she can trust. Who has time to mess around with a bunch of ill-fitting shirts! Our ¾ sleeve shirt is an ideal choice for your work wardrobe since it works with so many different pieces and fits comfortably. Whether it’s slacks, pencil skirts, or jackets, the ¾ sleeve will pair perfectly and bring your whole outfit together. Add slim pencil pants, a blazer, and some black flats for an office-ready outfit that's sure to impress and keep you comfortable. 

Dress it Up

Whenever there is a dressy or formal occasion, the first thing you probably think of wearing is a dress. But you don’t need to settle on comfort for fashion’s sake. Our essentials are a great dressy option when paired with the right pieces. Essential shirts are not just for casual outings or the office. Our ¾ sleeve shirt is an undiscovered gem that you didn’t know you needed in your formal wardrobe. Try wearing a bold tulle skirt, nude heels, and a ¾ sleeve for a comfortable and classy look.  

At Heirloom Clothing, we believe that every woman can be comfortable, without compromising style. Head on over to our website and check out our selection of essential shirts and find exactly what you're looking for.