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Choosing Outfits that work in the Warm and the Cold

06, Nov, 19

Fall weather can be very unpredictable. Some days are a super chilly 40 degrees while others are a warm and sunny 80 degrees. How can anyone dress for that?! Never fear, Heirloom Clothing has everything you need from ¾ sleeve shirts to cozy cardigans to tackle any weather you may face this season.

3/4 sleeve shirts


If the weather is looking a little unpredictable, a jacket is going to be your best friend! Layers in the fall are always a smart outfit choice because you can add and remove them to help control your temperature. Just make sure whatever your wearing underneath can be worn without a jacket. Cardigans, blazers and down coats are other layering options that are perfect for unpredictable temperatures. Wearing a ¾ sleeve shirt with a jean jacket and accessorizing with a cute scarf is just one outfit idea that is perfect for fall weather 

¾ Sleeve Shirts

Choosing the right shirt in the morning can be a challenge when the temperature is going to warm up throughout the day. You need something that will keep you cozy in the early morning but can cool you down in the afternoon heat. A ¾ sleeve shirt is one of the best options for unpredictable fall temperatures and will be appropriate for cold mornings and warm afternoons. They look great under jackets or cardigans and won’t look bulky. Try wearing a ¾ sleeve shirt with a long knit cardigan and your favorite jeans. This look will be ready to tackle any weird weather autumn throws your way!

Tighten Up

Want to wear that gorgeous dress hanging in your closet? Worried about if it’s going to be too cold for the early morning? Then tights are your new best friend! Wearing tights underneath your dresses will keep you warm in the morning but won’t overheat you as the day goes on. Tights will extend the wear of your summer dresses and skirts and allows you to enjoy them all fall and winter long. Make sure to find tights that are made of thicker material so they will last longer and keep you toasty!

At Heirloom, we have everything you need this season to stay cozy in any weather! Check out our website to see fun fall colors in our layering essentials. Stock up now and be ready for whatever mother nature throws at you.


Essential Pieces for Fall

06, Nov, 19

At Heirloom Clothing, we love fall and all of the cute and cozy trends that go along with it. It’s a time for oversized sweaters with camisole shirts, boots, denim jackets, and all things comfortable. In today’s blog, we are going to be looking at some of the essentials we recommend keeping in your fall wardrobe and what outfits you can create with them to look your best all season long! 

Sweater Weather

Everyone loves to feel cozy, especially when it's getting into the 40-degree weather! Sweaters are one of the best options for fall and can be easily styled with just a few accessories. Our Avery Sweater paired with thick leggings, tall boots, and a long necklace makes a great casual autumn outfit for fun seasonal activities. You can also layer certain sweaters with an undershirt to create a pop of color. If you have a knit sweater with larger stitching, try wearing one of our camisole shirts underneath it to fill in the gaps and create interest. Since it comes in 11 different colors, you can mix and match to get the exact look you want!

Dark Wash Jeans

In the fall, color palettes tend to be darker warm tones. Dark wash jeans are a staple of the season and go with just about any top! You’ll want to purchase good quality jeans that have durable stitching and comfortable stretch. Our Hollywood Jeans stretch to fit your body and have 5 pockets! You’ll want to buy a few pairs and alternate the days you wear them to increase the life of your jeans. Add a camisole shirt, cargo jacket, and booties to dark wash jeans to create an effortless fall outfit! Try accessorizing with layered leather bracelets to add texture to your outfit. 


If you work in an office, a cardigan is a must in your fall wardrobe since you can layer it with all your regular and camisole shirts and easily make your outfit cold-weather appropriate. They are easy to store in your bag when you're not using them and keep you comfortable without being too heavy. Our boyfriend cardigan is perfect for those chilly days at the office and has pockets to keep your hands toasty! A cardigan paired with black Ponte pants, heels, and a collared button-up shirt is a stylish work outfit that will make you feel like a boss lady!

We hope this post inspires your fall wardrobe and gives you some ideas about where to start. Having the right pieces to pull a look together creates a more cohesive look and will boost your confidence. Check out Heirloom today for camisole shirts, cardigans, and much more!

camisole shirts


Easy DIY Last Minute Halloween Costume

15, Oct, 19

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your costume! Not sure what to be or how to even begin creating a costume? Don’t worry, Heirloom’s got you covered! Your long sleeve shirts are more versatile than you thought. You can create fun and wicked costume with items you already have hanging in your closet! 

Black Cat

The black cat is always a solid Halloween costume choice. The best part is you can make this costume without having to buy an expensive outfit! Our basic scoop neck long sleeve shirt in black with a pair of black jeans and cat ears is a purrfect costume for any party. Take the look a step further using eyeliner to create a bold cat eye, whiskers, and a cute kitty nose.

Wednesday Adams

Our favorite Adams family member makes a great last-minute costume for anyone who’s feeling mysterious and spooky. You can wear a black long sleeve dress or a black long sleeve shirt with a black skirt. Add a collared white shirt underneath, black tights, boots, and pigtail braids to complete the look. 

Minnie Mouse

If you’ve been to Disney, you probably have some Minnie Mouse ears lying around your house. Don’t just wear them to the parks, they are perfect for Halloween! All you need is a black long sleeve shirt, a red tulle skirt, black tights, and your trusty mouse ears. If you don’t have a polka dot skirt like Minnie, you can make one by cutting out small white circles and attaching them to the tulle skirt. Complete the look with a bold red lip and draw a small black circle at the tip of your nose. 


You don’t need to know any spells for this costume! To create a witchy costume, start with a black shirt and a tulle skirt or a black dress, cute black boots, and your pointiest witches hat. Add a smokey eye, dark lipstick, and some spooky accessories to top it off.

At Heirloom, we’ve got all the essentials you'll need for this spooky season! Stock up today on our long sleeve and ¾ sleeve shirts for this chilly October. We have a wide color selection for every festive Halloween occasion to keep you spooky all season long!