Tailoring and Finding the Right Fit

20 Jun 2019

There are a lot of different tips and tricks for finding the right fit, and we recently wrote another blog about all the tops for women to choose from and how to find the right fit. Whether it’s a basic t-shirt, camisole, tank, cap sleeve, ½ sleeve, quarter sleeve or long sleeve, the shirts fit differently. This is why we have fit tips on each individual product page to assist you. For example, our cap sleeve shirts are designed with the snuggest fit; the purpose of this design is so that the shirt is perfect for layering. For additional tips, keep reading.

Fitting Tips for All Clothing 

Finding the right fit can seem impossible in the age of online shopping because items sometimes arrive in different sizes than you initially anticipated. However, you can know what to expect with the clothing that is ordered through our website. When you find the right fit, it adds so much more value to your purchases. Clothing that fits correctly takes us back to the times of designers like Christian Dior who began as an in-house designer, tailoring his clothing to perfectly fit each individual. What is the purpose of clothing if it is not fitting comfortably? This is why we have a fit guide.

How Do I Know if My Clothes Fit Right? 

To know if your clothes fit properly, you will want to ask yourself, are you comfortable in your clothing? If your clothing restricts your movement, it may not be the right fit for you. For example, if you can’t raise your arms in your blazer, it may be time to visit a tailor or buy a new one. If you feel that you can never find the right size for you, then buy the size that feels a little too big and then take it to a tailor. There are certain fashion bloggers and experts who buy all of their jeans for 15 dollars at less expensive stores then take them to be tailored to their bodies.  This method gives the buyer a cheaper cost but requires a lot of work. Although typical tops for women don’t need to be tailored, we recommend it for other unique situations.

There are other signs that your clothes aren’t fitting. If you see any of the following below, then you might have a fitting issue:   

  • Buttons come undone
  • Clothing bunches up 
  • Your inner seam is higher than your outer seam
  • Clothing rides up when you sit or stand up
  • You always need a belt

Taking pieces you have already bought that are too big to the tailor is a great way to transform clothing that you once loved. We recommend doing this for the clothing that doesn’t fit right. Another option if your clothing rides up or bothers you is to throw on one of our layering shirts under your clothing. This will help you be more comfortable because you will know that you are covered! 

Whether you are looking to upgrade your closet with new pieces or modify those you already own, it all comes back to how the clothes fit. At Heirloom, we want you to feel and look your best. While a lot of the tops for women come in all kinds of sizes, ours are resilient and can fit all kinds of body types. Taking your clothes to a tailor can be a lot of work, so when you go to buy a new shirt, be sure to find one that fits the way you want it!

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