The Most Flattering Colors to Wear

15 Oct 2019

Whether you recognize the reason or not, there are moments when you will see a specific shirt and determine on the spot if it will work for you. A lot of the time, that determining factor comes down to how well the color complements our complexion. When it comes down to it, what color looks best on us is highly affected by our skin tone! This is a profound reason why some outfits look great and others do not.

There are complementary properties within colors that work together naturally when blended, and the results of two well-matched colors equal one cohesive look. If a certain color of a 3/4 sleeve shirt goes nicely with a specific color of bottoms, then why would it be any different with colors of apparel and the tone of our skin? It’s not! That’s why the most flattering to wear depends on the tone of your skin.

3/4 sleeve shirt

Here is a brief list of the colors that go with your skin tone.

Colors for Each Skin Tone

Fair (or porcelain/pale) — Pastel Blue, Baby Pink, Heather Gray, Peach, Coral

Light (or ivory/beige) — Soft Rose, Dusty Pinks, Seafoam Green

Medium (or olive/gold) — Creamy Peach, Berry, Aspen Gold, Light Purple, Dark Jade Green

Tan (bronze/caramel) — Neutrals, Bleached Sand, Olive Green, Navy, Tango Red

Rich (or deep/espresso) — Royal Blue, Amethyst, Emerald Green, Turquoise, Crimson, White

*Note: The title of these skin tones are speculative and may not represent all tones; this is simply our summary.

The Power of Black Apparel

It is also worth mentioning briefly that black pants, shorts, tees, jackets and just about any other piece of garment looks nice on anybody! There is something magical about black that seems to help all body types appear slim and chic. Some people love black so much that they will don a full black-on-black outfit and nothing else. However, we are sure there are other combinations that feature a combination of black and another color that will look flattering on you. Perhaps a peach 3/4 sleeve shirt and black bottoms! Whatever it is, in addition to some of the most flattering colors mentioned above, give black a try!

Heirloom Clothing Color Options

At Heirloom Clothing, we sell camis, tanks, long sleeves, 3/4 sleeve shirts and other layering tees. Each of these essential shirts include a variety of color options that will complement all skin tones. To see some of the most flattering colors for your skin tone, check out our Tango Red, Turquoise, Yellow Aspen Gold and other options right now!

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