The Most Slimming Colors

29 Mar 2019

We all want clothes that will flatter our body shape and hide the places we don’t love. There are some fashion tricks to make you look slimmer — nobody wants to appear ten pounds heavier than they actually are. You may know that certain patterns or a jacket cut in just the right way can make you look thinner, but did you know that color can as well?

Here at Heirloom Clothing, we know various fashion tricks to help you look slimmer every time. Whether it’s a layering shirt or a pair of pants, depending on the color of any outfit will alter how you look. Keep on reading to find out exactly what colors you should wear to look slim everyday.

Which Colors Are Slimming

Black: The most commonly worn color to look slimmer is black. Black always makes you look both slim and elegant. Not only will wearing black make you look slimmer but it also gives you all the options you need to match with just about anything. Head-to-toe black is a classic style. A black layering shirt with a black cardigan or black leather jacket and some black pants looks incredible. Wearing all black ensures that you will not only look thinner but feel more at ease with your body and move with confidence.

Darker Colors: Darker colors like black automatically make you look slimmer. Darker shades of colors like purple, brown, gray and blue can help to hide any areas of concern. Wearing these dark colored layering shirts under dresses, overalls, jackets or anything else ensures you will look slim and fit. Another reason to wear darker colors is because colors like white and khaki add pounds and make your frame look even larger.

Colors: Bright colors draw a lot of attention to whatever area they are worn on. So if you have something you don’t want to emphasize, whether it be a large chest or a big belly, be cautious when you choose to wear a bright cap sleeve shirt or layering shirt. Stay away from bright pants if you are wanting to look slim in your bottom or your hips. However, adding small pops of color on top of a neutral layering shirt can help you look very thin.

How to Wear Slimming Colors

Balancing out your body and accentuating the right places is key to look thin and attractive. The best way to balance out your body is to wear a combination of both dark and light colors. Wherever you want to attract the eye is where you should wear a lighter color. If you have a wider chest, then wear a dark cap sleeve shirt with a lighter pair of pants to accentuate your long legs. If you want to bring the eye ups, wear a lighter cap sleeve shirt and darker colored pair of jeans or pants.

If you follow these few simple tips, you won’t have to worry about your trouble areas. These tips are accurate suggestions from many different fashion designers and stylists. Obviously, the number one rule when shopping for clothes is to wear what you feel great in. It is so important that you pick essentials that make you feel the best. If you are in need of some attractive slim essentials, pick up a few layering shirts and cap sleeve shirts from our essential collection.

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